Writing a Stellar Entrance Essay

Writing a Stellar Entrance Essay
Writing a Stellar Entrance Essay
What Does the Admission Board Observes from your Entrance Essay?

Applying for colleges is done during last part of high school education in most cases. Some students will travel even travel across the country visiting the colleges of their choice in order to find out if they are making the right decision. Most students visit more than one or two colleges as they do not want to place their bets only on one college. An essential part of the application process is the writing and submission of an impressive and insightful application essay. This is also referred to as the entrance essay, application essay or college acceptance essay. All the skills gained through years of essay writing practice should be applied in to getting this task right. Let us find out what the purpose of writing this essay is.

Why Write Entrance Essays?
The Admission Board requires students to submit an essay informing them as to why you believe you should be accepted into the college. This essay offers the Board insights into the student’s character and strengths as well as the writing abilities. Some colleges and graduate programs receive hundreds of applications from students who have excellent grades. These students will be excellent in sports and other activities as well as be academically proficient. However, grades will not inform the Board as to who the student really is and how he or she will be able integrate in to the student body of the respective college. To facilitate the Board to make their selections they require the students to write the college admission essays which informs them of this. Below are a few items the Board will look forward to be informed of in your essay.

• What are your strengths and weaknesses? While you need not highlight your weakness too much, being self aware is a well respected character trait. After all, if we are not aware of our own short falls, there is hardly a chance of improving on them. When you mention your weak areas, remember to tell them how you have worked on improving that area and how you intend to over come them in future.

• Your strengths, qualifications, special achievements and skills must be mentioned. But incorporate them in to the essay in subtle and modest way than coming across too conceited. Often the essays are written on various topics which allow citing this information as evidence or examples. It can also be used as explanations of how you managed to resolve and issue or overcome a difficult situation.

• Your expectations of life in terms of achievements and future goals. Collages are interested in having dynamic and goal oriented students who will work hard to achieve their dreams. You must tell them how being admitted to this college can make your dreams come true. No one wants to thwart a person’s dreams so if you make it very convincing, that can be the sole reason that consider for admitting you to their college.

• Tell about your values and outlook of life. College Board wants a mix of personalities in their student body and they will consider individuals who can bring in valuable outlooks of life in to their environment.

From the student’s point of view, this essay is his opportunity to shine. As the essay is similar to a personal essay written for GCSE coursework, students will be able to write it easily. However, this does not mean that students should take it easy and wait till the last minute to write their essays. Writing a good essay for entrance into any educational program takes planning and time, therefore, it is recommended that students go through a few college application essay examples and plan out what they will be writing long before they actually sit down to write their essays. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/30

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