Writing a Who Am I Essay can be Very Enjoyable

Writing a Who Am I Essay can be Very Enjoyable
Writing a Who Am I Essay can be Very Enjoyable
Who Am I Essay Should Reflect Your Character and Values

As individuals we all need to be self aware of ourselves. One step towards is writing a “Who Am I essay” in which one can reflect upon ones own character and values. Essay writing of this nature are aligned with personal essay writing assignments. Hence we can make use of knowledge we gained from personal essays in writing this essay as well. The primary focus of this essay is yourself and showing to the reader that you have a high level of self awareness can make the essay more effective.

When you write this essay, approach it with modesty yet with a subtle pride of yourself. This can allow you to not come across as conceited of your self but also be confident of your strengths, your character and portray these in positive light. However, you may discuss both your strengths as well as some of your weak areas that need developing. As we are all humans, we do have our own drawbacks. Every one does and being aware of this and accepting this makes you’re a stronger person than a lesser person. The reader will empathize with your and feel closer affinity if you have the modesty to accept some of your weakness as well.

Writing a “Who am I essay” is rather interesting and also easier than writing an academic essay such as a sociology essay or marketing essay. This essay does not need you to include references or write with outside evidence. What you need to do is to write eloquently, insightfully and in a touching manner. The style of writing should be relaxed and simple and in first person.

Similar to other essay writing, use the standard format of essay introduction, body and conclusion to write your essay. The introduction should be very attention grabbing and you can use humor, irony, satire, shock or any other mode to gain the reader’s attention.
The body of the essay should have few paragraphs which you can use in describing yourself. These paragraphs can concentrate on following areas:

1. Your profile including age, name, gender etc.
2. Your Character and strengths and weaknesses in this area.
3. Your achievements, talents, skills etc.
4. Your Inspirations and life goals supported by why you want this.
5. Your values and outlook of life. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/31

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