Selection of Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Selection of Good Persuasive Essay Topics
Selection of Good Persuasive Essay Topics
Good Selections of Persuasive Essay Topics Will Improve your Powers of Persuasion

The importance of essay writing is known to all students. They understand that with the writing of essays comes great knowledge in the subject as well as the writing aspects. Many essays are required of school students and a persuasive essay is one of them. In order to write excellent persuasive essays students should select good persuasive essay topics and know what the requirements are when writing a persuasive essay.

What is a Persuasive Essay?
A persuasive essay is written in a manner which tries and persuades the reader to think in the same manner as the author about a certain topic. This should not be a challenging task for most of us has the power of persuasion in us. However to be able to persuade someone effectively is a major feat. Good persuasion requires certain elements. Simply hoping to persuade someone cannot be done. It should be done using solid evidence and justifiable arguments which will back up the theory the author want the reader to believe. Therefore, extensive research should be conducted before the writing process.

Importance of a Good Persuasive Essay Topic
As a part of your GCSE and A Level coursework writing assignments you will be given many essays to write. In any essay from narrative essay to comparative essay, selection of essay topics should be done with great consideration. If the topic is new and interesting to the reader, he will be compelled to read further. This is what every essay requires. The essay HAS to be read completely by the reader in order to understand what the writer is saying. Therefore, good topics have to be selected to ignite a curiosity to dwell deeper. Below is a list on how to select good persuasive essay topics.

How to Select Interesting Essay Topics for Persuasion
Selection of topics whether it is persuasive or narrative essay topics, should be interesting. It should make the reader sit up and take notice. Below are a few tips on how to select good essay topics which are worthy of persuasion.
• It should be relevant to the readers.
• The topics should not be boring and common.
• It should not only spark the readers’ interests but yours as well.
• Adequate research material should be available once the topic is selected. If there is no adequate material, students should select another topic.

Topics for a Persuasive Essay
• Pollution is destroying the Earth
• Should Schools be given holidays for all religious holidays?
• Abortion – the right choice for unwanted pregnancies
• Should adolescents be given the driver’s permit?
• Health care should be for everyone regardless of class or creed
• The Internet is not a necessity
• Every country should have “only one child per family” policy to avoid overpopulation
• Methods of the Death Penalty – which should be banned and which should be used more often
• Violence and abuse of adopted children
• “Facebook” and “MySpace” – the new privacy breaker
• Should alcohol advertisements be shown during sports?

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