Writing a Classy Romeo and Juliet Essay

Writing a Classy Romeo and Juliet Essay
Writing a Classy Romeo and Juliet Essay
Romeo and Juliet Essay – Love and Tragedy Entwined!

Students learning Shakespeare will need to write a Romeo and Juliet essay at some point during their academic careers. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is a highly emotional, romantic tragic play based on prohibited love, revenge and a secret marriage forcing ill fated Romeo and Juliet to grown-up quickly, and fate causing them to commit suicide in hopelessness and misery. Essay writing based on the play Romeo and Juliet is a most commonly used assignment to students in high school or even to students in undergraduate courses. However students cannot just explain the play but will need to review the play, its characters and etc. To write a perfect Romeo and Juliet essay you need to have good writing skills so that you will be able to put your thoughts effectively on paper.

Assignment Requirements
There can be many reasons why you will be assigned to write a Romeo and Juliet essay. Most often your teachers will simply want to know whether the students have actually read the play or not or in some cases your teacher may want you to identify, examine and critically evaluate certain elements of the play. You can show the extent of your understanding only by writing a good essay to satisfy your teacher’s requirements.

Writing Tips

• You need to read the play many times and understand it thoroughly before beginning to write your essay. You might also want to research on additional information such as about Shakespeare and his era, the environment in which the play is based and etc. The essay will be effective if you can also read reviews of the play, criticisms of the play, summaries and other essays written by different writers.

• There can be a variety of different topics about which you may be asked to write your Romeo and Juliet essay. Therefore it is important that you identify the purpose of writing the essay and do necessary research accordingly. After doing a suitable research about the particular topic, you should outline the important elements of the essay. Outlining the key areas will serve as a road-map for effective essay writing.

• You should also keep in mind that there can be many drafts before your final writing. Therefore allow and set aside plenty of time for revisions and do not hesitate to make adjustments to your essay at any point of time.

• You should also be able to maintain the purpose and effects created by the writer. In this case you need to focus on purpose and effect of Shakespeare’s language and poetry as well as the use of dramatic devices such as irony and the action on stage.

• Stating your opinion on the most important emotion or idea that Shakespeare tried to convey is also important. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/31

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