How to Write a Highly Analytical Critical Essay

How to Write a Highly Analytical Critical Essay
How to Write a Highly Analytical Critical Essay
Critical Essays are Usually Written to Analyse Works of Literature

A critical essay is one of the main types of essays you will have to complete during your studies in high school, colleges or in universities. This essay form is mainly used for review of literature although it can be applies in to reviewing any other subject, situation or object. This differs from other academic assignments because here your objective should be to provide an overview by critically evaluating a topic and to state any assumptions with evidence from reliable sources and to state your point of view of the work being examined. In critical essay writing, it is important to examine both positive and negative aspects of a topic as well as the methods used by the author.

Everybody should be able to write essays. However writing an effective essay will not be that easy. You need to have the skill to critically evaluate and analyse the matter. You also need to demonstrate the ability to organize your thoughts and ideas. Do not make the mistake of just reviewing the contents or rewriting it. Remember your purpose is much deeper than that. That is to give a critical evaluation of the author’s work if you are using this mode of writing to critically analyse a work of literature.

The introduction paragraph should introduce the topic, including the name of the work, author or the artist of the work that you are going to analyze. It should also explain your position and what led or influenced you to go ahead with developing the arguments you are going to raise in the body paragraphs of the essay. Including relevant background or historical information will make your essay more attractive to your reader and add some importance for your essay.

Body paragraphs
To make your critical essay effective the body paragraphs should be structured properly. Using separate paragraphs to discuss each point and making sure that you maintain the flow from point to point within the sentences as well as within the paragraphs will make your essay look appealing to the reader.

Make sure that you briefly explain other options apart from your arguments of the work to strengthen your arguments and position. You could find supporting evidence internally within the text or through external sources such as from the biography of the author and etc. Use proper evidence such as examples, statistics and anecdotes to prove your arguments are true and strong than the opposing views, and do not forget to analyze the opposing views, their way of thinking and the quality of their conclusions opposed to your conclusions.

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