Shakespeare Essay: It’s About the Greatest Playwright in History!

Shakespeare Essay: It’s About the Greatest Playwright in History!
Shakespeare Essay: It’s About the Greatest Playwright in History!
Which Stage Production Will You Use to Write Your Shakespeare Essays?

Students doing any type of literature coursework understand the importance of writing essays. As part of the literature coursework students will be asked to write Shakespeare essays. When assigned this task, students will know that they are to write about the greatest playwright in history. There are many plays which he wrote and all of them are ever so popular in the sphere of literature even after centuries after being written. Essay writing on Shakespeare will involve assessing his style, his work and his character as well. Let us explore these aspects further to help us with this assignment.

Shakespearean Style
There is no question relating to Shakespeare as a writer which does not display a distinct style of writing. It is what he is most famous for that intimidates nearly all students when faced with his works. Shakespeare’s first plays were written in the conventional style of the day. He wrote them in a stylised language that does not always spring naturally from the needs of the characters or the play. The poetry depends on extended, sometimes elaborate metaphors and conceits, and the language is often rhetorical—written for actors to declaim rather than speak or just read as many of us do today. A Shakespeare Essay can analyse his writing style and use of words and metaphors etc as a part of the topic.

Shakespearean Plays
Students handle many of Shakespeare plays for their GCSE coursework and A level coursework for literature course module. As there are many stage productions carried out by Shakespeare, students are able to select from a number of plays in which to write their essays on. Below are some considerations;
• One of the most common essays written on Shakespeare is Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet essay is will be interesting as it is a tragic love story of young lovers.
• Hamlet is another stage production which is common to English literature. In this essay students are able to analyse and write about the many characters involved in the play. These include Claudius Hamlet’s brother and Gertrude his widow.
• Macbeth is a popular play which tutors assign students to write about. Many aspects can be considered when writing the Macbeth essay. Students can analyse the characters of Macbeth and the famous lady Macbeth and many more characters in the play.
• The Twelfth Night is another play for consideration. It is a comedy of mistaken identity. Students can write about Viola who dresses like a man and Lady Olivia who believing she is a man falls in love with her.

There are many more stage productions which were written by Shakespeare and students will be able to select any one of these to write their essays on.

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