How to write a good French essay

How to write a good French essay
How to write a good French essay
French Essay, Even at Armature Level Should Be Informative and Interesting

Learning of more than one language is quite common in today’s society. Above different languages French is a commonly followed language in most English speaking countries. If you are studying French you will get to study and be familiar with the rich French traditions, customs and background as well as understand the French nation itself. Studying French does not only involve you knowing to speak the language, but also to write in French. Essay writing is a common method used to assess and to develop your writing skills in French. Writing French essays will help in developing the research and writing skills of the student, give you a practice to think rationally, deepening the knowledge and interest in the subject and using creativity in writing the essay.

Before going on to write your essay you should keep in mind that the most important aspect about the French essay is that you should justify your opinion and provide the readers with proofs.
You may be required to write the French essay based on various subjects depending on the field of the educational background you study in. Often tested essay topics would be from areas such as History or dialects of the French language, on the history of France, French grammar and the French alphabet, on the French culture or architecture and etc.

These topics can be vast. If you find the given topic too conventional or formal then you may narrow it down to writing something from your own experience. To write an effective French essay you should give special considerations for the following.

1. Deciding on the topic: If you are given the option to decide on the topic, always choose a topic which interests you and that you think will interest the reader. The topic chosen should be debatable and would hold the reader so that the reader will be involved in the reading process with curiosity and with interest.

2. Gathering information: a good French essay should be backed up with plenty of reliable evidence and vivid examples. Get information from a variety of sources such as journals, research papers, and news paper articles and from the internet.

3. Planning your essay: plan your essay structure and the information in a logical manner. Make sure to maintain a smooth flow of the information from one sentence to the other as well as from paragraph to the other. Determine what information to include in your essay and what not to. Introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion paragraph should support your topic.

4. Revising your essay: You should not hesitate to revise your essay many times and make even drastic changes to be in line with essay specifications. Your essay should be perfect in terms of grammar, spellings and the language used.

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