SAT Essay Topics can be Diverse

SAT Essay Topics can be Diverse
SAT Essay Topics can be Diverse
Practise on SAT Essay Topics to Perfect Your Essay Writing Skills

Students living in the USA have to sit for the SAT exam before entering college. These exams are meant to assess the student’s scholastic intelligence and comprise of several sections including math and English. There is also an essay writing component in the test. If students’ do not possess impressive SAT scores, they may not have high prospects of being accepted to colleges. In order to prepare for the SAT essay writing, the students should select a few likely SAT essay topics and practise writing on them.

The Requirements for the Written Exam
The SAT exam has three sections. These sections are reading, math and writing. The essay section of the exam contributes up to 30% of the total score. Therefore, it is important for students to know how to write essays using proper essay writing techniques and skills. In order to score high with your SAT essay, we recommend that students practise their writing with essay topics as well as prompts. Practising for essays is done by students regardless of what exam they are sitting for. For example students in the UK will practise writing essays for their GCSE coursework long before the exam. Students sitting for their SAT exam should do the same.

Practising With Essay Topics
When doing the SAT exam, students are not assigned essay topics. Instead they will be assigned SAT essay prompts. These prompts should be read carefully in order to understand what is required. Once a clear understanding is achieved, students should only then begin the writing process. A prompt is similar to an essay topic. The only difference is that with a prompt there is more elaboration and explanation of what is required of the writer. However, in order to practise for your SAT exam, it is beneficial for students to practise in any form. When practising writing with SAT essay topics, students will be able to think up possible prompts that may come up for the exam.

Some SAT Topics for Your Essay Writing

• Placing value on things we struggle to achieve.
• Money or success is the root of all evil?
• Being ignorant is not an easy thing to do.
• Wealth or Happiness – which pleasures us more?
• What is better, to be independent or to rely on others?
• How important is Sexual Education in Schools?
• Are social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace detrimental to productivity?
• Can antisocial behaviour among teenagers be attributed to video game playing?
• The violence on television contributes to violence in life.
• Would you condone mercy killing?

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