How to Write a Best Essay?

How to Write a Best Essay?
How to Write a Best Essay?
Tips For Writing The Best Essay You Have Ever Written

If you are required to write an essay you should always make sure to write the best essay you have ever written. Usually most assignments involve essay writing, which means you should know to write good essays in order to get good marks. Always keep the five ‘be’s’ in mind to write outstanding essays.

That is
• Be Imaginative and creative,
• Be confident of what you are writing about
• Be argumentative
• Be brave and
• Be truthful.

For an essay to be the best essay need not be strict and reserved. You can be flexible in your writing. Bear in mind that the word ‘best’ constitutes to a lot of factors of an article, namely the topic you choose, the structure, the quality of writing, content and the eloquence of the entire work.

• First and foremost, choose the best topic. The essay topic should be important, relevant, exciting and appealing to the readers. However each one of us may have diverse preferences, but keep in mind to select the topic which is feasible and has as much as necessary resources to support it.

• Have a clear direction and purpose. If you want to persuade the readers use a persuasive essay style. On the other hand if you are planning on arguing about an issue write an argumentative style essay. If you wish to inform the reader, then informative style is to be used. Therefore first recognize your purpose and direct the essay accordingly. Also if you are provided with certain guidelines always try to follow them. For example if you are given a word limit of 1500 words always make sure to stick to 1500 words. You will not gain good marks even if you write the best facts and don’t follow the guidelines given to you.

• Make sure to have all the necessary segments of an essay. Most importantly the three segments namely the introductory paragraph, body paragraphs and the conclusion paragraph. The introduction should explain your purpose of writing the essay and the arguments you are going to raise in the body paragraphs. There should be a proper link between the introductory paragraph and the body paragraphs which motivates and interests the reader to read the essay.

• Providing evidence and examples. The quality of the essay will largely depend on the number of relevant and appropriate examples you use. If the proper facts or statistics are presented with the essay there is a higher probability that you attract a larger audience. Also if the evidence supports you in reaching your purpose exactly as you expected it to be your essay will definitely be the best essay. Also keep in mind to state the links and references to original sources as this will build up reader’s confidence about your essay.

• Finally a best essay should be free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Also using the language correctly in expressing ideas is critical. Practice helps in writing the best essays.

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