Literature essays Need Creativity and Familiarity with Literature

Literature essays Need Creativity and Familiarity with Literature
Literature essays Need Creativity and Familiarity with Literature
How to Write a Classy Literature Essay to Attract the Interest of the Reader

Literature essay is one of the most interesting but yet challenging type of essay writing as it requires students to have advanced writing skills. Here you are required to do research on a certain piece of literature or a book you have been assigned to read and to evaluate it, or even to do a comparison of one or more pieces of writing. Literature is a broad category that describes a particular method of composition. You need to be versatile in various essay forms such as analytical, evaluation and review essay writing in order to do well in literature assignments.

Assignment Expectations
When you are required to write this type of essay, the teacher’s expectation is to test your knowledge about the piece of writing or the book you have read in class. You should be able to understand what the author tries to express and his point of view. Your explanations should be in an effective and creative manner. You should also be able to evaluate and question the language tools the author utilize to express his opinion. Knowledge about critical terms such as character, metaphor, irony, metonymy, epithet etc. will help you to evaluate literature work in an effective manner.

Understanding the Text
The effectiveness of your literature essay will also be determined by how well you understand the text. Close reading helps you to understand many levels of meanings within the text either literal or figurative. It is highly likely that you may get good marks if you are able to understand and interpret the plain text or its metaphorical meaning.

Tips for Writing
Planning your essay is also another critical factor for a successful essay. Take time to plan your essay in an appropriate structure. Do not rush to just pen your ideas in to paper. Have a proper introductory paragraph where you can point out your issue and to present your thesis statement. The body paragraphs should also be structured carefully so that each point is discussed in separate paragraphs and also to maintain consistency. The essay should also be easy to follow.
The richness of your essay will also depend on the use of references and quotations. Remember to extract them correctly and accurately. Do not use too long quotations as this will distract the reader. Therefore make sure to quote only the important sections that relate to the area under discussion.

Include a conclusion paragraph to summarise the thesis statement and to emphasis on the importance of the topics discussed.

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