Do Your Essay Cover Page Format Properly

Do Your Essay Cover Page Format Properly
Do Your Essay Cover Page Format Properly
Essay Cover Page Format Should Be Complied With for a Perfect Essay

You would have often heard the adage saying “don’t cover the book by the cover” but often first impressions are created by cover pages. Same goes for your essay cover page. This is why it is important for you to get your essay cover page format correctly. This page is the least complicated of all sections when it comes to essay writing. But you must comply with the formatting requirements when it comes to creating a cover page for an academic assignment. Different format systems such as MLA, APA or Harvard prescribe different page layouts and information in to be included in to the cover page. Let us explore these aspects to be better educated on the matter.

The cover page requirements of various formatting standards vary widely. Depending on the formatting and referencing system you used in the essay writing, your cover page too should be formatted. For instance an MLA system requires no cover page but the information to be included at the top of the first page of the essay. If the APA, Chicago or Harvard style essay were written, then the cover page must be done as per these specifications. However there are few common elements and considerations which make up any cover page and following are these key points to note.

Points to Note in Cover Page Format

1. The first entry appearing in your essay cover page is the title of the work. It should be centered and appearing 3-4 spaces below the top margin. The font size should be slightly larger than the actual essay font, such as size 14 or 16 and the beginning letter of each word should be capitalized.

2. The name of the author which is the student name has to be appearing usually with the term, prepared by. The name must be as per your course module registration.

3. Course module details and the name of the tutor should be included in the title page as per academic essay cover page format requirements.

4. No boarders or pictures are permitted in the cover page format.

5. The name of the college or university is included in case your essay is a university coursework.

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