Understand your SAT Essay Prompts Correctly

Understand your SAT Essay Prompts Correctly
Understand your SAT Essay Prompts Correctly
Be Eligible to Enter College by Answering SAT Essay Prompts Correctly

The task of writing essays does not finish after high school. Students in America, who wish to be admitted into college, have to take the SAT tests. The test ensures whether students are ready for the college curriculum. Therefore it is important to make sure that you do your SAT exams correctly in order to show the College Board that you are ready for academic challenges of college life. One of the tasks which are set before students is essay writing using the SAT essay prompts which will be provided for them.

What is SAT?
SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, now known as the SAT Reasoning Test. This exam tests students’ knowledge of writing and understanding of certain aspects required for college. This exam can be taken by high school juniors and seniors. The exam consists of reading, math and writing. Students are given specific times to complete each section of the exam. The writing section of the SAT exam is divided in to two sections which consist of answering multiple choice questions and the writing of essays. These essays should be written in answer to a prompt and students are given 25 minutes to complete their essays. In order to obtain a good score for their SAT essays, students should ensure that they write their essays in the proper manner.

How to Answer the Essay Prompts
If students need to score high on their SAT essays, they need to practise with essay writing examples of previous essay prompts before the exam. However, no matter how much of practise you put into writing the essay, when faced with the task of answering their essays according to the SAT essay prompts, students often find it a challenge.

• Read the prompt carefully, and understand the essay questions. What are you supposed to do? It is a good idea to underline or circle key words which will provide you ideas on how to proceed.
• Take a stance. Decide on what you are going to say. Are you going to agree with the prompt or not?
• The SAT essay consists of five paragraphs. The essay prompt should be mentioned in the introduction section of the essay.

Some Essay Prompts for the SAT Exam• “Facebook is a chance for old friends to get in touch with each other. People you had lost touch with can be found on Facebook. Anyone with a PC is able to log on and find friends.” Write an essay informing the reader if you agree with this or not based on your experiences.

• “Advice from others is a good idea especially if you learn from it.” Do you agree with this? Write an essay stating your point of view and giving sufficient reasons for your beliefs.

• “Power and money go hand in hand. When does power and money lead to corruption?” Write an essay informing on whether you agree that money and power is the root of all evil. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/33

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