How to write a simple essay

How to write a simple essay
How to write a simple essay
Getting through a Simple essay Assignment is Easy if Few Writing Tips are applied

There is no exact definition to the word simple. What is simple for one person may be difficult for another person. Therefore different people may give different interpretations on the word simple. However as the name implies simple essay is a trouble free uncomplicated essay writing assignment.

An easy essay can be written to discuss any topic area that you want to discuss. Here you are free to choose whatever the subject or topic you want to write. However you should choose the most appropriate and relevant topic to gain a good mark. Make sure the topic chosen is interesting to your reader as well as you. If you are not motivated to research on the topic area or not passionate about the topic you chose you will not be able to write an effective essay.

Simple essays can be written using any type of essay from narrative essays to classification essays, and from cause and effect writing to argumentative papers. You only have to follow the basic format consisting of three elements that is an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph.

Introductory paragraph
It tells the reader what the essay is all about. The introductory paragraph should also include the thesis statement, which can indicate an opinion, an argument, an idea, a proposal or a hypothesis. This should be written to grab the attention of the reader. You should generate curiosity in the minds of the readers. Also make sure your last sentence of the introductory paragraph includes a ‘hook’ which attracts the reader to read on to the next paragraph of the essay.

Body paragraphs.
Each paragraph should discuss one point. Make sure you include the strongest argument, most significant example or the cleverest illustration in the first paragraph and second best in the second paragraph and so on. Discuss the weakest points or illustrations in the last paragraph. You should try to make relations from one paragraph to the other and always maintain a smooth flow between each paragraph. And always make sure to relate every point discussed to the thesis statement written in the introductory paragraph and do not deviate from the main argument or the proposal.

Concluding paragraph
This is also a very critical part of the essay as this is the last chance you get to convince the reader your proposal and to prove the validity of the information presented. It should be a summery paragraph, where you should restate the thesis and the arguments presented in the body paragraphs in a creative and powerful way. Even for an essay which is written in simple approach must have these elements presented
strongly in the essay.

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