An Essay Writing Topic Can Make or Break the Essay

An Essay Writing Topic Can Make or Break the Essay
An Essay Writing Topic Can Make or Break the Essay
Selection of Essay Writing Topics Should be Done with Great Consideration

High school and college students are used to being assigned essays. It is part of the school curriculum anywhere in the world. Essay writing is one of the most common and important aspects of education. With good writing skills students learn to communicate and express themselves better and the writing of essays becomes very important practise when they go on to graduate or doctoral studies. Most often students are assigned the topics for these essays. But sometimes they are not. Let us find out how to write essays regardless of whether or not the essay writing topics are assigned.

Assigned Essay Topics Vs. Selection
One of the most challenging points when assigned to write essays is the finding of good essay topics. As stated above the essay topics could be assigned by the tutors. This does not give much choice for the students. However, some students prefer this to having the freedom of selecting their own essay topics. The freedom of choice in selecting good essay topics should be viewed as a good opportunity. This is a chance for students to write about something they care about and know well. For example if students are assigned an argument essay for their GCSE coursework or A level coursework, there will be many topics on this type of essay to select from. But if they are assigned a topic on an argument essay such as “modern technology and its disadvantages” those who are not interested in the topic or not very techno savvy will have no choice but to write on it anyway. However, this depends entirely on the assignment instructions.

Selecting Topics if not Assigned
Here again if the essay writing topics have not been assigned, you have a vast area of topics to select from.

• Before the selection process ensure that the essay questions are understood. What is the purpose of writing this essay? Is it to inform someone of something or is it to explain something to someone. The topic selection should take in to consideration the form of essay to be written. Some topics are better suited for a narrative essay while another is appropriate for an informative essay. The purpose should be defined, whichever topic selected. This should be done first and foremost.

• Come up with a number of essay topics and write them down. Once this is complete select the ones that are most interesting and suitable to the type of essay.

• Ensure that there is adequate research material and is not too general. If there is insufficient research material you should consider another essay topic.

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