Writing a report

Writing a report
Report Structure A good structure for a report would be as follows:

Title Page - showing the title of the report, the author, the person for whom the report is prepared, and the date of completion

Summary/Synopsis/Executive Summary (approx 10% of word count) - this will identify:
The purpose of the report
The scope of the report - issues covered/not covered
The important results and findings
The conclusions and recommendations
Acknowledgement of any assistance in researching and compiling the report
Table of contents - not including the title and contents page!
Body of report - this will include:
Introduction - what is the report about
Discussion - divided into sections and sub sections, presented clearly and confined to fact rather than analysis/opinion
Conclusion - this should:
Relate back to the findings in the body of the report
Include a clear summary of the main points
Outline the findings of the research

There should be nothing in the conclusion that has not already been mentioned in the body of the report.

Recommendations - these should:
Emerge from the conclusions
Suggest what is to be done, who is to do it and how/when it is to be done
Be justified based on findings, not just the opinion of the writer
Appendix/Appendices - containing supplementary material too detailed for the main body of the report, such as tables, charts, statistics, questionnaires etc

(Adapted from Source: NCI Learning Centre: Study Skills/Writing Skills/Writing Reports)

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