Discovering Your Inner Light in Times of Darkness

Discovering Your Inner Light in Times of Darkness
We all experience challenges in our lives and enter periods of darkness. We can either sink into the darkness and remain stuck in our pain or we can allow these experiences to transform our lives by discovering the power of divine love. - Discovering the light within.People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in; their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within. - Elizabeth Kubler Ross

When everything in our life is going well for us, it is easy to shine, to feel joy and happiness, but it is the times in our lives that bring us to our knees where are true nature and inner light is revealed...

We all have ups and downs in our lives and each one of us will, at some point, enter into a dark night of the soul. Whether we are going through a divorce, a loss of a job, a loss of a loved one, a financial or personal crisis, all of these situations make us feel that we have lost control over a part of our life. It is during these periods where we begin to ask the big questions. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Who am I? What really matters? It is when we enter the darkness that we begin to search for the light.

When we experience a storm in our life, we surrender. The winds become too strong for us to handle on our own and we begin to search for refuge; a safe place to stay until the storm passes. Like the winds of a storm, our thoughts, emotions and pain can overpower us in times of crisis, and blow us off course. In the midst of our suffering, we feel alone and helpless, consumed in darkness, until someone shines a little light in our direction or we discover that gentle flame burning within.

I recently took a trip to Cuba and I discovered that the Cuban people are very warm and friendly. They greet each other with hugs and kisses and you can feel that they genuinely love one another. One day we took a tour to Havana and someone asked the tour guide, "Why are people from Cuba so friendly?" His response was, "The Cuban people are all going through hard times. The economy is not good and there is much struggle...we need each other."

In today’s modern society, where we seem to have it all, we have forgotten that we have a basic human need to feel connected and loved. Independence and making our own way in the world has disconnected us from one another. It isn’t until the walls come crashing down around us, that we realize how much we really do need love and support from others. When we find ourselves in a crisis we need to know that we are not alone in our suffering and that someone cares. We all experience pain. Pain is the one thing that each of us shares: it is what makes us human. When we connect with one another and share our pain we begin to see beyond the personality and we touch the soul.

Through the dark periods in life we learn about love. Most of us are not used to asking for help. We are not comfortable being vulnerable with each other. By sharing our pain in our darkest times we begin to open up and take down the walls we have built to keep others away. We allow the light of another to illuminate our hearts and fill us with love. It is through our hard times where we form our deepest connections and we discover our dearest friends.

When we come to a place of darkness we also begin our journey inward. We begin to pray for healing. We surrender our problems to God and we let go. We are completely vulnerable and at the mercy of a power greater than ourselves. This divine love is within each of us and when we find ourselves surrounded in darkness, it is this divine love that leads us out of the darkness and into the light. This divine love heals all wounds and brings comfort to all suffering.

When we truly discover this divine love or light within, we become transformed. When we emerge from the darkness, we see the world in a different light. We have more love and compassion for the people around us. We develop an inner strength that will allow us to achieve anything. We begin to live life with more passion and purpose, and we develop a sense of gratitude. We are given new life.

I am grateful for these challenging times in my own life because as I emerge from the darkness, I can feel my inner light shining just a little brighter with each passing storm...

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