Fascination With Fairies

Fascination With Fairies
Fairies between imagination, myth and beliefs. See more about their origin and how to keep a sound mind regarding this subject.I can’t quite explain the current fascination with fairies. Sure, they are supposedly some beautiful, delicate and mysterious little creatures that have stimulated people’s imagination for centuries. Or perhaps it is yet another trait of the New Age movement that gains power all around the world. There are plenty of sites on the internet that claim to teach you about fairies, even to attract them in your garden, in your life, to appeal to their support and look for their friendship and good will. Not to mention the amount of artists who have preference for this topic, especially visual artists.

In general, fairies are considered to share our humanly appearance, but possess some supernatural powers in advance. And there are plenty of theories concerning their origins in the folklore of many peoples. Fairies are thought to be either some dead or of demonical origin, or another species of creatures that belong to nature and are distinct both from humans and from the angels. Folklore specialists even suggest that fairies might have been yet another conquered race that began living in hiding. Or that they were part of beliefs and practices that preceded Christianity and therefore they were put aside after its appearance.

In our modern culture, fairies are presented as tiny humanoids, often having wings. But in the beginning, they were described a lot differently, as being more similar to angels with their tall stature and radiant aspect. Both small fairies and tall ones occur, although they are believed to be capable of changing sizes through their magical powers.

In folklore, fairies very rarely have wings, as even tiny ones used other means of transportation such as backs of birds, or other small animals. Today, fairies are quite often shown with butterfly or other insects’ wings.

But what are these fairies? What is their origin? One quite popular opinion is that they are either dead, or a subcategory of the dead. Thus, the Irish so-called "banshee" meaning "fairy woman" is most often depicted as a ghost.

Another theory views fairies as an intelligent species that is separate from angels and human beings. This theory was developed by alchemists who considered fairies to be elemental spirits, a sort of spirits of the air.

According to another perspective, fairies were a category of "demoted angels". This is inspired by the story of the angels’ rebellion, and namely the fact that at that point, when some angels in heaven rebelled against God, He commanded the heaven’s gates to be shut and all the angels who at that point were in heaven, they remained up there, those caught in hell at that moment turned into demons, whereas those caught in between, therefore somewhere between heaven and hell, or even on the earth, turned into fairies.

Another belief states that fairies were entirely demonic. This theory grew in popularity especially with the development of Puritanism. It was considered a sort of witchcraft to deal with fairies, and therefore a punishable deed. This perspective is still shared nowadays by many people, who view this fairy mania as a real peril to true believers, for instance. Indeed, it could be said that the controversial nature and origin of the fairies, undecidedly good or bad, together with the fascination they seem to have over people, can create diversion and stray one’s attention from God and His will, and even only by this they can indeed be some sort of evil spirits in disguise.

There are lots of websites which give very practical advice on how to attract fairies in your garden, how to be able to see them. The funny thing is most of them encourage people to try and tempt fairies with all sorts of treats, with shiny pretty things, and so on. But they also say that one shouldn’t worry if the delicious food left for the fairies remains untouched, because these creatures have a special way of extracting the essence of the food without touching it. And according to other stories, some of them even claiming to be written by "real fairies", the reason why we cannot see fairies unless we prepare ourselves for this, is that our brain is programmed to sense only certain things. So, there are some things they although we can see, are not registered into our system. And because of that, one cannot see supernatural beings such as fairies unless one trains his brain especially for that.

Although people are spiritual beings as well, believing in anything else except what God told us, it is a sure way in the wrong direction and unfortunately the consequences will immediately follow. Playing in spiritual realm with any kind of witchcraft is dangerous because demons are deceiving and people cannot perceive it from the start. Who would have sex with someone knowing that afterward he/she will catch a lethal disease? The packaging looked nice but inside it contained misery! The same way, something that looks harmless can end up destroying one’s life, therefore, keep a sound mind by meditating on God’s word, the Bible, believe God and ask Him to reveal His plan for your life, it is the best plan ever! Find it out and your life will be the greatest adventure!

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