The Art Of Living

The Art Of Living
You are lucky to have this beautiful life. Don’t waste it before you realize its value. Understand this right now because experience is comb we get when we are bald.How people are crazy for their egos! Come what may they are not ready to give it up a bit. How wonderful ways to dominate others they find out. What a creativity. But out of all this one thing is sure – depression. Better one understands the need to give up this false prides and egos. We are grown up people and are mature enough to understand the tricks and ideas others employ in order to prove themselves a superior person than us. And in this attempt sometimes we won and sometimes we loose. So be prepared to digest the insults which may come to you as your own outcome of previous doings. As you sow so shall you reap.

First of all, we all know our limitations and our levels. No need others to say about us and we to prove our own metal. Just know that everybody knows everything. You can not ever achieve the height that others won’t attain. These are the steps every ordinary, sensible human being pass one by one. May be you are a bit ahead than others or a bit behind. Man, this is journey of a human life everybody has the only one destination here – Death.

Being assertive is very different from egoist mature mind. One should be assertive but not egoist. Ask for your rights, make confirmations, don’t feel afraid of anything that you should not. Make a space for yourself, a protection against opportunistic people, to protect your self and your respect. But for all this do not attack anybody. Be protective and defensive and not attacking.

Our ways of living are different. You might have a lot of knowledge in your field, where you work or other worldly knowledge; but you may be zero in the art of living. We all want to be happy. We want money, all the comforts and satisfaction. And still in pursuit of happiness why and how we get ourselves in this depressing mess?

You understand one thing – This life is very important for us, the moments which are passing one by one are not going to come to you again. Don’t worry about this passing time also, what you need to think is to make the most of every moment coming to you. Whatever you are wherever you are, know how to enjoy life. Negative thoughts always engage us to think, and grieve and repent over past happenings. Do not let them to dominate you.

We are always taught the importance of patience. We know it, we talk about it, we read it and we really forget it when it is most needed. We don’t practice it,..... we just know it. Sometimes, tempted, we, impatiently insult others or do something that we need to regret later on. So, why we give in to these temptations? Being calm has a important role to play in our lives. Practice that.

Why people don’t understand that if we respect others they are definitely going to respect you. And yet somebody doesn’t respect us then it is not something that we should worry about, it’s their problem and God give them good thoughts. Be as you are to yourself, don’t pretend. This is the key – you know yourself better. Accept whatever you are. Don’t feel ashamed of yourself. Have a faith in yourself and be satisfied with what you are and you have. Don’t desire for the credit that you don’t deserve. If you don’t possess something try to get that, work hard for and you will get that with pure satisfaction.

And at the end after you know all what it takes to be happy person, you still don’t get out of this, and prefer to get worldly pleasures; then you waste, you really waste your beautiful life that you have got. Then I pity you, you will never be happy and if you do sometimes, it will not last for long. I wish you understand this, I wish you practice this and decorate and beautify your life.

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