Psychic Healing

Psychic Healing
Ever wonder what is Psychic Healing all about? Read on…Energy and Aura

Every living or non-living object is composed of tiny particles of matter. These particles, according to Physics, are in constant motion. This motion creates energy. This energy covers all objects. Such energy is known as an Aura.

This is a scientifically proven fact. Photographs have been taken of this aura energy around an object, and also around a living being. This is called Kirilian Photography.

Through these pictures, we see that this energy field is composed of several colors. These colors are the key to understanding several things about a person / object on an energy level.

Aura Energy and Illness

When someone is ill, the aura of that person is a reflection of the illness of that person. This illness can be physical or psychological. Therefore it is logical to say that curing the energy fields around such a person will cure the illness.

The Process

This is a process of energy transfer. Energy exists in all matter and its main source is the Universe itself. Healers take this energy and transfer it to the patient, via their own energy body. The good and the bad energies are replaced, and grounded into the Earth’s energy.

These processes are called by many names: Psychic Healing, Reiki, Laying on Hands, Chakra Healing or Balancing. Of course, the techniques are different with each method. But the basic premise remains the same.

Channeling and Psychic Surgery

This is another aspect of Psychic Healing. However, this does not use Earth Energy, but rather uses the energy body of the Healer as a channel or medium of transfer on a very different level. The Healer uses this energy body to cause Healing spirit bodies to enter into our plane of existence and heal people in need.

Channeling can be used to gain access to information on the spiritual plane of existence and information from ‘dead’ people.

Psychic Surgery involves a process of healing physical problems of people via surgery carried out by spirits. Often, this can be a painless and non-invasive experience.


All these experiences, as with all the spiritual based experiences, are subject to hoaxes, frauds and criticisms. Therefore it pays to check the credentials of such Psychic Healers. If a healer intends to solve your problem with one or two visits, then it makes sense that he/she is not interested in fleecing you for money. This, of course, is different for chronic problems.

It has also been found, that people with acute problems will often believe anything. This is called the "Placebo Effect" where an individual believes himself/herself to be cured simply because he wants to be cured this way. Self-healing is also a plausible answer for so many illnesses being cured.

However, with the right Healer, you may find your problems actually being solved. At the end of the day, it is a matter of belief and faith and an alternative, non-chemical method of finding a cure for your illness.

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