How Much Do Clinical Psychologists Make

How Much Do Clinical Psychologists Make
Clinical psychology is one of the most sought after and hence highly competitive specialties in the psychology field. Amongst aspirants, it is a deep seated curiosity to know how much do clinical psychologists make. In this article, we deal with the same question.Owing to the complexity of numerous inter-related degrees in the field of mental health, it is difficult to choose a specialization that matches best to your interests and aptitude. Clinical psychology is a specialty in psychology career that started developing in the 1896, after the opening of first psychological clinic at the University of Pennsylvania by Lightner Witmer. Moreover, the major growth in this field occurred post World War II. Before the World War II, analysis and assessment were the only tasks performed by clinical psychologists; however, after the war, situations changed dramatically. There was a sudden upsurge in demand of trained clinical psychologists who were expected to uplift mental, social and emotional health of people, soldiers and citizens suffering from the traumatic war experiences. To bolster the growth of this field, two educational models were introduced in the US, that granted a Ph.D. and a PSY.D. degree in clinical psychology. These two models have been followed in the US since then, to give degrees to prospective students of clinical psychology.

Money Factor in Clinical Psychologists Profession

Getting back to the main question, how much do clinical psychologists make, the answer will vary depending on the location an individual is working and also the work experience. In the starting years, salary ranges may be modest, ranging between US$35,000 to US$50,000 but there are opportunities for growth as one advances in this field. Further, salaries of clinical psychologists are also dependent on the type of work setting. Those working in a school, college or university as a counselor have different earning potential that those working in mental health offices. NGOs, family services, hospitals, colleges and business units also hire psychologists for variety of works.

As per the BLS, the median salaries give a more accurate account of the earning potential of different professionals in numerous fields. In the year 2009, clinical psychologists working in counseling centers, schools earned median salaries equaling up to US$59,000 (approx.) per year. Psychologists working in mental health hospitals were found to have a better range of salaries with the median salary being close to US$69,000 per year. As we can observe these median salaries, we can say that wages in this profession are certainly better and they shoot up with sufficient work experience and skill enhancements. The BLS further indicates that in 2009, average earning potential of psychologists with one to twenty years of work experience ranged between US$50,000 to US$85,000.

Prospective clinical psychologists will be delighted to discover the fact that clinical psychologists who have been in this profession for really long time (15 to 20 years) and have a doctorate degree, earning potential is very high. As per the statistics compiled in 'Graduate School Debt and Starting Salaries in Psychology Data', in 2007, by the APA Center for Workforce Studies (CWS), a branch of the leading body in psychology profession, the American Psychological Association (APA), salaries for full-time doctoral level psychologists with extensive work experience (10 plus years) has been phenomenal. Full-time professors, lecturers, research position employees, all were able to earn more than US$100,000 after being sufficiently long in the field. In the business field or even in federal government jobs, psychologists with superb experience can command very competitive salaries crossing the six figure salary mark by thousands of dollars.

So if you have been wondering how much do clinical psychologists make in a year, then you can be sure about earning very well in this field, after 3 to 5 years of work experience. Most of the clinical psychologists have a true interest and passion for work, which matters more than the monetary benefits. Helping people gain a better control on their lives and making a difference in their happiness is certainly a work of immense job satisfaction.

Career Outlook for Clinical Psychologists

The field of psychology is as old as the human existence. In all civilizations, major philosophies have been developed keeping in mind the deep driving desires of men and their natural behavior. Core concepts in psychology have evolved from cultures, traditions, norms and behaviors of people from all across the globe, be it in the eastern countries or in the western nations. Sigmund Freud, often referred to as the the 'father of psychology' and his contemporaries kick started the growth of psychology as a major professional area of research and study. Clinical psychology as a professional discipline is still said to be in its youth, with only 100 plus years of existence. The scope, extent and depth in the field of psychology is increasing beyond the limits of our imagination. In daily life, most of the problems are resulting due to conflicting priorities and changing lifestyle values. Violence at home, poor relationships, drug abuse and depression - everywhere the issue remains the same - how to manage the human mind? Clinical psychologists take the responsibility of helping people deal with their mental, emotional and social pressures. They try to make life easier for people by helping them find effective solutions for various types of mental problems. The role of clinical psychologists is being recognized in variety of settings and even corporate honchos, business tycoons, business gurus, sports players and celebrities look forward to seek help from psychologists.

Clinical psychology is way ahead of just money. It is evolving as one of the hottest, competitive and challenging career options in this era. In case, you are interested in this field, you should not be too much concerned about how much do clinical psychologists earn because inevitably, the gains in this field are bright in the long term. Pull up your socks to face the stiff competition as clinical psychology is going to be a great test of your dedication, perseverance, intellectual abilities and patience.

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