Criminal Psychologist Salary

Criminal Psychologist Salary
Criminal psychologists are also known as forensic psychologists and they often work with law enforcement agencies. The career of a criminal psychologist can be rewarding with their average salaries ranging between USD 40,000 to USD 90,000 annually.Criminal psychologists have been glorified by Hollywood movies and prime time television, showcasing them as crime solvers with uncanny abilities. In reality, the job isn't so much about solving crime but is to counsel the accused and the victims. They are mostly hired by correctional facilities, mental health institutions, local and federal law enforcement agencies. Some criminal psychologists armed with a Ph.D also work in educational institution as professors in the psychology department. They play an important support function in the criminal justice system and are regarded as the torch bearers of change. This mantle falls up on them because they try and understand 'Why' behind the crime and not the 'Who' did the crime. They are compensated fairly for undertaking this herculean task of effecting change in human behavior.

Criminal Psychologist Average Salary

Becoming a psychologist isn't easy you have to undergo some intense training during your undergraduate study and then study some more to gain specialization in criminal psychology. Upon completion of education you will have to acquire licensure in order to practice. Most criminal psychologists are hired by the court systems and have to conduct psychological evaluation of criminals before the trial. The location of the job and the type of employer also affects the criminal psychologist pay to a degree.

Cities like New York where the cost of living is high will offer more salary to criminal psychologists than rural settings where the cost of living are considerably lower. Different government agencies will offer different pay packets depending on their budget and requirements. Here is a look at the median salaries offered by different agencies who hire criminal psychologists.

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