How Much Does a Clinical Psychologist Make

How Much Does a Clinical Psychologist Make
How much does a clinical psychologist make? If you are thinking of being a psychologist, then this question must have crossed your mind. Read ahead to know the job description, salary structure and job responsibilities of a psychologist.The job of a psychologist is one of the most sought careers in the world. Not everyone can be a clinical psychologist. An individual who has a lot of patience and actually provides a solution to all the emotional battles that people face on a daily basis is fit to be a psychologist. To be more specific, a clinical psychologist is a health professional who has mainly studied psychology and also done his/her post graduate studies. If you want to be a clinical psychologist, you will have to complete your education in psychology till the doctoral level before you get a valid license to begin your practice. As a clinical psychologist you can work for hospitals, mental institutions and also open up your own clinic for your patients. Salary range of a clinical psychologist ranges from $47,000 to $87,000.

There's a high demand for qualified clinical psychologists in the US and choosing clinical psychology as a career is a great option. You get to experience various areas of work such as a private practice, drug and alcohol rehab centers, colleges and schools, social service centers and hospitals. Well the main question now is, how do clinical psychologists work? Well, they use patient's records which are made by observing them, looking at the results of their IQ tests, personality study test etc. They are someone whom you can pour your heart out to and take their help for solving your problems. Except for clinical psychologists in Louisiana and New Mexico, they are not authorized to prescribe medication to patients. Due to this, many clinical psychologists work closely with doctors and psychiatrists to ensure that their patients get the best possible treatment.

Clinical Psychologist's Education

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, students with an undergraduate degree can apply in some clinical psychologists doctoral programs. Students who have enough course work in psychology before they take admission in Psy.D. Or Ph.D. programs are also considered as good candidates. Different states have different rules and regulations for becoming a clinical psychologist. They also have to go through clinical training and pass state licensing tests. Clinical psychologist programs can take up to 7 years to complete. They need to spend at least a year in internships. It's good if a clinical psychologist has great communication and interpersonal skills. They should always display the quality of empathy and a strong desire to help others in the time of crisis. This job profile also involves a healthy relationship with many other medical job profiles for total care of the patient.

Job Description of a Clinical Psychologist

Their main job is to study your behavior and then provide a healthy synopsis to improve your condition. They use their skills to help out emotionally or mentally disturbed individuals. Some clinical psychologists also work with medical or surgical patients to help them recover after a deadly injury or illness. Other than working in private hospitals and medical centers, most psychologists also work in schools, colleges and government centers. Some of them open their own clinics and also give sessions from their home. Their employment rate is expected to grow very fast. A large number of clinical psychologists are hired by drug and alcohol rehab centers to ensure that their patients get effective counseling.

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