Clinical Psychologist Salary

Clinical Psychologist Salary
The average clinical psychologist salary is probably the highest of all jobs related to psychology field. With good job prospects and more than 10 percent growth rate, the average salary of a clinical psychologist is expected to increase in the coming years.At times, we face stressful consequences, either personal or professional, which disturb our ability to cope up with normal life. This is when a psychology specialist comes to the rescue and resolve our difficult problems. A clinical psychologist is a trained professional who specializes in analyzing the human mind. The nature of work itself reveals the expected clinical psychologist salary range per year.

Clinical Psychologist Job Description

Before we discuss about clinical psychologist salary, let's get to know what is this psychology job all about. In mental health, the scope of clinical psychology is very vast, with sub specialties like child mental health, learning disability, adult mental health, older people mental health, emotional stresses and substance abuse. Even though clinical psychology is categorized under medical science, a professional does not prescribe medications or suggest surgery. If required, the patients are referred to other doctors.

The main duty of a clinical psychologist is to hear to stressful situations of patients and give solutions to improve their psychological state. Hence, part of the clinical psychologist job description is to evaluate and asses metal worries of clients correctly. Following this, any metal related problem experienced by the patient is diagnosed and treated accordingly. The psychologist also consult people regarding ways on how to prevent stressful situations or come out of them in a better way.

Clinical Psychologist Salary Range

The salary range of a clinical psychologist varies by location, years of experience, employee credentials and hiring organization. Approximately one-quarter of the licensed clinical psychologists work in heathcare settings, while more than 30 percent are self-employed. Also, the specialization does matters in deciding the income. The school psychologist salary range is lower than that of a behavioral consultant. Refer to the points for clinical psychologist salary range:

Salary with Respect to Experience
Difference in the salary package of clinical psychologist is understandable as per experience of the job applicant. Like for example; a fresher psychologist who has just passed out earns about USD 51,309 annually and those having more than 5 years experience can expect an annual package of USD 63,935 per year. According to a salary survey, about 10 percent employees earn the highest slab, about USD 106,840 per year.

Salary with Respect to Hiring Organization
The average clinical psychologist salary 2010 is approximately USD 58,000 per year. Certain organizations pay a higher salary than others; the list includes Federal government, private practice, hospitals, behavioral consultancy and many more. Obviously, those working in non-profit organizations will be paid a lower income, about USD 55,855 per year. Thus, a candidate should take a note of the organization, while applying for jobs.

Salary with Respect to State
Everyone of us have a fair idea that the salary scale of a particular profession varies according to the location. As far as clinical psychologist salary by state is concerned, highest pay scale is reported in the states of California, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois. In these states, the psychologist average salary falls within the range USD 55,000-70,000 per year.

With this information on clinical psychologist salary, I hope you have understood the annual income that you can anticipate out of this profession. However, becoming a clinical psychologist is not so easy and an aspirant should earn a doctoral degree in the relative field. After gaining Ph.D. degree, he/she can choose teaching, researching or counseling line. In order to provide patient care service, a candidate should also pass the state licensing exam. Overall, employees can expect a higher salary package with experience in clinical psychology counseling.

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