Psychologist Salary

Psychologist Salary
The aim of this article is to put forth details related to psychologist salary along with information on duties of a psychologist. Read on to know more...Life in urban cities is becoming more and more hectic these days. Add to this the long working hours and job related tensions, many people find it difficult to deal with stress and this in turn gives rise to several psychological problems. Psychologists are the best people to solve these problems as they are highly educated and trained people. They are known to treat people of all the age groups and bring the lives of stressed people, back to normalcy. Psychologist salary has seen a growing trend over the past few years due to a growing demand for such professionals. Psychologists have an option of working in government as well as private sector. However, before we discuss about questions like how much do psychologists make or earnings and salaries for psychologists, let us know about the duties and nature of work of psychologists in the next paragraph. More on psychology.

Nature of Work of Psychologists

The main part of the job description of a forensic psychologist is to deal with mental problems faced by criminals and finding ways to relieve their problems. This is indeed a very challenging task and involves a lot of study of human emotions, psychology and hard work.

There are many school psychologists who work in schools and help students to overcome difficult phases in their lives, such as extreme anger and depression. A school psychologist also interacts with teachers and parents of the students who are facing psychological problems and suggests proper treatment, after studying the case well. They also interact with students and try to understand their problems correctly. A child psychologist undertakes the duty of studying changes of childhood changes and the impact which they have on children. Clinical psychologists use their skills to find out the reasons behind a particular type of behavior and the solution to overcome several behavioral problems.

In order to become a psychologist, you should complete a degree course along with internship which can give practical exposure for wannabe psychologists. Initially, a psychologist might have to work as an assistant to a senior psychologist, until they learn the tact of handling cases independently. Psychologists also have an option of working as self employed professionals, provided they have requisite licenses. Given in the next paragraph is the answer to the question how much money does a psychologist earn.

Psychologist Salary Details

The psychologist's salary mainly depends on educational qualifications, years of practical experience and location of work. Psychologists working in urban cities are bound to earn more than those working on the outskirts of a city. A child psychologist's salary can be about US$ 45,000 initially, and can rise up to US$ 60,000 per year with a few years of experience. The average psychologist's salary in case of clinical psychologists can be in the range of US$ 65,000 to US$ 70,000 per year. The salary for a forensic psychologist can be in between US$ 55,000 to US$ 60,000 per year. Developmental psychologists can expect to earn anything in between US$ 35,000 to US$ 65,000 per year. More on psychologist average salary.

Self employed psychologists can earn more than employed ones, once they have a settled practice. A well known and talented self employed psychologist can easily earn in excess of US$ 1,00,000 per year. You can read more on:
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Hopefully, this information on a psychologist's salary and job description will be helpful for you. All the best for your career.

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