How to Become a Psychologist

How to Become a Psychologist
Those thinking how to become a psychologist first need to choose which field of psychology they would like to go in. This article mainly focuses on psychologist education requirements and psychologist responsibilities.Jobs in the medical sector mostly need higher degrees and certifications. And a career as a psychologist is one of the medical jobs which demands higher level of education and training.

Who is a Psychologist?

A psychologist is a medical expert who is adept in understanding the behavior and thinking of a person undergoing mental and emotional problems. Psychology is a wide field, and so; psychologists generally work in sectors such as health care, educational psychology, corporate, sports psychology, etc. Whichever field they may provide their services in, their main aim is to diagnose emotional and psychological problems and take the essential steps in solving them.

Few Psychologist Responsibilities and Duties in General

The psychologist job description varies from the type of psychology the professional is practicing. There are many types of psychologists such as school psychologist, group psychologist, counseling psychologist, clinical psychologist, organizational and business psychologist and many others. However, there are some general duties that are performed by psychologists.

Counseling is one of the most important duties that a psychologist has to carry out. He has to discuss the problems of individuals, assess the minds and way of thinking, and then counsel in a way which will help the patient get out of the emotional trauma. The primary responsibility of school psychologists is providing motivation to students for learning better and using their capabilities to the fullest. They have to discuss students' problems with parents and teachers. Those employed in forensic psychology sector deal with emotionally unbalanced convicts and accusers. Likewise, the duties and obligations depend on the employment in different branches of psychology. Now let us discuss how to become a psychologist.

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How to Become a Psychologist?

Those thinking how to become a psychologist should understand that education is the most significant aspect. And to become a fully-fledged psychologist, you would necessarily need to gain a doctorate degree in psychology.

Starting from the first step, you should obtain a high school diploma or GED equivalent. While studying for a high school diploma; it is an added advantage if you opt for subjects like chemistry, math, biology, health sciences, and similar others.

Few aspiring psychologists may even prefer to obtain an associates in the psychology or sociology field. This can certainly serve as a stepping store for choosing from the different fields in psychology. The next step that you need to take is to gain a bachelors degree. Some aspiring psychologists may even take social work or biology as their bachelor degree majors. However, psychology as a primary major would always be better. Read more on psychology jobs with a bachelor's degree.

After you have got a bachelors degree in psychology, now is the time to advance to the next level, that is masters. You can do a masters in psychology, or can even choose a field such as counseling or any other field directly related to psychology. During your masters degree; you have to choose a specialization such as general, counseling, clinical, business and management, etc.

For working as an independent psychologist, you would obligatorily require to obtain a Ph.D. These research programs also focus on study related to different fields in psychology mentioned above. For being operational as an independent psychologist, you need to obtain a license from your respective state board. The licensing procedures differ from state to state, so you need to research well for knowing the appropriate method of applying for the license.

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These were some guidelines related to how to become a psychologist. I hope by now you might have understood that education is to be given utmost importance for making a career in psychology.

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