School Psychologist Job Description

School Psychologist Job Description
The primary responsibility in a school psychologist job description is to provide appropriate and effective solutions to the problems of students in their academic and social lives. This article gives your a brief overview of school psychologist duties and responsibilities.There are many problems that are faced by students in their academic career. Due to problems such as lack of motivation to study, emotional disturbances, improper way of thinking, etc., students are likely not to give their best. In solving such problems in the lives of students, school psychologists play a very significant role. These psychology professionals are sometimes also known as educational psychologists. This is the best field for individuals who want to work in the educational sector, but do not want to be classroom teachers. Let us now discuss more on the school psychologist job description.

Job Description for School Psychologist
A school psychologist responsibilities relate to all steps that are taken for providing solutions to the problems and issues faced by students in their schooling. The main duty mentioned in a school psychologist job description is to encourage students deal with their everyday problems, and motivate them to study well and get good grades. To solve and realize the actual problems of students, a school psychologist has to consult with parents as well as teachers. He may work with students individually, or in a team.

He finds out the strengths, weaknesses, and necessities of students, and suggests teaching strategies and education programs after discussing with other educational professionals. He renders emotional support to students and discusses their problems carefully to come up with appropriate solutions. If family or social issues are hindering the academic performance of a student, a school psychologist might discuss such issues with parents and suggest some steps to get the problems resolved. He educates parents or guardians with the correct method of providing motivation to the students for studying and overcoming educational hurdles.

A school psychologist may also conduct training sessions for teachers regarding the techniques and methods to be used which will help the students better understand social, cultural, behavioral, academic values. He also keeps an elaborated record of the students whom he has counseled with, regarding their present performance levels and the scope of increase in their learning abilities. He is given the responsibility of devising, conducting, and finalizing various psychology tests and assessments of students. Another important duty is to analyze and assess the effectiveness of the current academic programs and schedules. He has to report to the appropriate authority regarding the psychological services provided for solving emotional, behavioral, and academic problems of students.

School Psychologist Salary
According to a survey, psychologists who have a doctorate in the psychology field are likely to earn more as compared to those having an MS degree in the same field. The average salary of those with a Ph.D. is somewhere around $60,000 per annum, whereas those with an MS degree is approximately $52,000 per year. In general, the median salary of school psychology experts is about $64,000 per annum. The salary also greatly depends upon the city and state where the services are being provided. For example, one working in Chicago, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Miami; would earn more as compared to one who is employed in cities like Charlotte, Orlando, Houston, and Dallas. The salary potential increases with a rise in the level of expertise and education. Therefore, those having 20 or more years of experience in school psychology can even demand a pay of over $100,000 per annum.

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The only aim of school psychologists is to help students perform well and excel in their academic career. Hopefully, by now you should have got a basic understanding of the school psychologist job description and salary range.

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