How to be Popular in Middle School

How to be Popular in Middle School
Do you want to be popular in school? If yes, then read on to find out the secret ways of being popular in school.Everyone who has passed out from school has had a sect of people in school, who they thought were cool, smart, intelligent and good looking. And, all these people were very popular too. Everyone in the school wants to become like them. You can be popular too! You don't need to chase or ape anyone for that. You can be yourself and still achieve it. Let's see how!

Showcase Your Hobbies
You could be good at playing the guitar, singing, painting, or acting. So, start performing, show the world what you've got in you. Participate in the extra curricular activities in school, that interest you. This way you will hang out with a lot of people who match your wave length. Be friends them, take up competitions or concerts, build network and get popular. It's not only joining the cheer-leading squad or a football team, that brings you popularity. Anything, that is your forte, can make you popular. Be open to different things and show case what you are good at. This will increase your confidence and also help you improve your art.

Go Out and Make Friends/ Socialize
This is the most effective tool to be popular. Go out, meet people and hang around with them. Know them better and be friends with them. This will enable you to meet different people from different groups and different backgrounds and they will start knowing you too. Be known, not only to a particular clique but everyone.

Organize Parties and Sleepovers
This is the coolest and the most happening part of school life. Call over friends and others for a party or sleepovers and have fun. This will make you friends with everyone you hung out with. Also, when they go back to school, they will not forget to praise your party or sleepover.

Don't Get Stuck With a Bunch of People
We all have best friends but if you want to be popular don't hangout with only a bunch of people. Talk to others, hang around with them too. This does not mean you are offending your friends or you don't like them. The more people you meet, the more you know them and the more popular you will be.

Don't Be a Pushover
Being a pushover is something that is not good for you. It is good to be adjusting but it does not mean you have to agree and accept everything that others tell you or demand from you. Do things and associate with things that you really like. Keeping up with the Joneses is certainly not cool.

Appearance (includes body language)
Like an old saying goes "First impression is the last impression". This is true! Carry yourself confidently and respect yourself for what and who you are. Dress well and groom yourself when you are going out. A tidy and a well dressed person automatically attracts attention from others around him. So, carry yourself well and dress your best. Talk in a nice, polite way, don't be harsh or even soft spoken. Be eloquent, gentle and fun to talk to. But please don't fake it up! Dress and style in way that suits you and you are comfortable in. "You surely don wanna-be a 'Wannabe'!"

Be Unique
By being unique I mean be creative, be different. Stand out and get noticed! There are so many thoughts, plans and ideas that come up in each one's minds. But usually people dismiss ideas away, thinking it is difficult or that no one will conjoin. Don't bother about what others are going to think and follow what you like, you will certainly find a flock.

Hang Around With the 'Popular Clique'
It's good to know people from the popular clique. Hang out with them as they are the who's who of your school. Everyone wants to know everything about popular people. So hanging out with them will definitely add to your popularity. Though that does not mean that you do not hang out with others. If you do so you'll end up having no friends.

Take Initiatives
This simply means be a leader. Everyone knows and remembers a leader. Take a lead and convert plans into actions. This could be done by approaching people in the right way. You could form a band if you are good at music, or organize a science project fest or competition. Enroll your school or your group for international competitions and participate actively. Soon all those interested in it, will be in touch with you. This could also get you a good impression on your teachers.

Date the Hottest Girl/Guy in Your School
There is nothing that can make one more popular then dating the 'eye candy' of your school. If you manage to date him/her, you will all of a sudden become the new crush for all the other girls/guys. Not to forget, you might also end up making some envious-enemies.

There is nothing wrong in wanting to be popular. It's human nature. But to what extent you should go to make yourself popular is something you should know. Being popular does not mean you forget or change the real person within you. It means that you remain the way you actually are and be liked and appreciated for the same. Don't get influenced by others in choosing wrong ways to be popular, you surely don't want to be notorious.

The above points might help you in getting a hint on how to be popular in your middle school. So whatever you do, always remember that these are actually the best days of your life and they will never come back. So make the most of it and make them the fondest memories for life.

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