Importance of Social Circles

Importance of Social Circles
We don’t really care about whom we hang out with and what we do, not seriously at least. The importance of social circles today, is not only underestimated, but is highly misunderstood too. If you want to know why it is important to be a part of a social circle and how this can affect you, continue reading…For most of us, a social circle is nothing more than some people we hang out with, some people we relate to, some people we are close to and some people we met and liked, and now meet often. Is this one of your definitions of a social circle? If yes, then you don't really know what a social circle is all about. Before we read on the importance of social circles, let's understand the meaning. The most basic idea of a social circle is to come together and do something creative, something productive. If you are indulging in a recreational activity every weekend, that is helping you say goodbye to stress and in turn, you are also learning a new art or hobby with a selected few, you have a fantastic social circle. Creative talks over drinks are a great idea too!

Importance of Social Circles: An Overview

Today, just a group of good friends cannot be called a social circle or one where some people of common interest meet and become friends eventually. In recent years, social circles have undergone a tremendous change as a result of which today, we find ourselves a part of not one or two, but many such circles. The advantages and benefits of being in these networks are many. Let’s have a look at the important ones.

Basic Instinct
Man is a social animal and thus, living in a group is necessary for him. If you restrict yourself from meeting new people and keep to yourself, it’s going to have negative effects on you. There are many people who we casually tagged as being antisocial, don’t we? This is in fact, not a very nice phenomenon. Being an introvert is one thing and being antisocial is one. A man is much more at peace and much more stable at mind if he mixes up with his own kind. Psychologically, a social life helps you stay fresh and active, mentally. For any human, it’s very important to have people around him. If you have a few social circles you can be a part of, you are benefiting yourself with company, something that not many people are fortunate enough to have.

Views and Opinions
A social circle also gives you a platform where you can discuss all your problems and ask for suggestions from many people at once. There are times when we want to discuss a particular issue with people who are not involved in it, and a social circle provides you just that. Since, people in your social circle aren’t your closest of friends, they won’t be biased as well. Similarly, there are times when you take up interest in something new, like some current affairs. You probably can’t discuss that at home but you can do so when you meet a few people over drinks. Sometimes, we need people just to tell us that the way we think and function is right. A social circle doesn’t only assure you this, but also respects you for what you do right. In a way, it also helps in motivating.

Society as an Institution
It is said that symbiotic living is very necessary for humans to live in harmony and to grow to new heights with the help of each other. If we have to follow this, social circles become a must for our growth. We cannot stay away from society or continuously rebel against the idea of co-existing. Social circles give you a place in the society indirectly, where you will be accepted. The social levels you ‘hang out’ at also defines your conduct to a great extent.

Common Interests
When you are a part of a social circle or circles, it becomes easier to pursue things that are of common interest. You might love playing badminton, but you can’t do so if you don’t have the company, right? This holds true for a lot of things such as watching drama, attending workshops and checking out new restaurants even. Yes, something as simple as that. Even to start up with a new initiative, a social circle can help in many ways. The reason why social networking websites such as Facebook are so popular today is because they connect like-minded people through groups and forums in no time. A social circle makes the world a smaller place and a beautiful one too.

Combined Relations
Have you heard about something called as happiness in society? You can spread that only by being a part of society. If you want to be a part of the society, it is important for you to mix up with other beings. Keeping your life limited to your family will not help you grow individually. Networking and building relations is again a huge benefit social circles have to offer you. Comparing yourself with other people can sometimes help you refocus and realize your own goals, which in a way, you might have underestimated.

In our lives, we make a few friends that last us a lifetime. However, these friends aren’t with us continuously. There are times when we really need some people around us, people with whom we can ‘share’. Every thought, every idea gets a meaning only after it has been shared. The importance of social circles is understood by this basic fact. When you meet new people, you see a bit more of the world you don’t know. Social circles provide you with a zone where you can enter and leave according to your convenience and not be questioned about it!

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