How to Write an Expository Essay

How to Write an Expository Essay
How to write an expository essay? What distinguishes an expository essay from the other types of essays? Read on to find the answers...An expository essay is written pretty much in the same way as any other essay, the only difference being that such as essay, is more about presentation of facts and information on a given topic, rather than the personal view points and opinions of the writer. Of course, by the end of the essay, the writer should be able to bring forth his opinions about the topic on hand, but only after facts and examples which led to formation of his beliefs have been presented. The following tips on how to write an expository essay, further make the whole process of going about it, clearer.

Tips on How to Write an Expository Essay

Tip # 1
The first thing that you need to do is to choose an interesting essay topic. Ideally, the topic should be such that people find it more interesting to read. It should be something fresh, new and that which has not been written umpteen times before. A new, unique essay topic, on which you are sure, you will be able to gather a lot of information, should be selected.

Tip # 2
Once you have the topic of your choice, begin researching on the same. A good expository essay is the one, which has lots of facts, figures and researches to back it up. So, search on the Internet, read newspapers, books and magazines, take interviews, and collect as much data and information as you can. Any researches in the said field, statistical findings, historical facts use anything which brings forth the topic at hand in the most legible way.

Tip # 3
Begin your essay with a thesis statement. After this, the first few lines of your essay should buildup on the thesis statement that you have written. Provide a lot of information, facts and data on it, in the opening, introductory paragraph of your essay. Thereafter, when you start writing the body of the essay, present one idea at a time and back it up with relevant facts, figure and data. A good way to write an expository essay, which makes the ideas absolutely clear, is to write about only one idea in one paragraph. This way, as the reader moves on to the next paragraph, he will expect to find a new idea and opinion. This will keep his interest high in reading the entire essay.

Tip # 4
One common mistake students make when writing an expository essay is that they abruptly move on to the next paragraph, while writing the body. This is an absolutely no no. Instead, the essay should be written in such a way that all the paragraphs seem linked to one another. By writing the last line of a paragraph related to the idea you are going to bring forth in the next paragraph, will provide continuity to your essay.

Tip # 5
When writing an expository essay, do not put forward any kind of emotional arguments or opinions based on how you feel about the topic. An expository essay is based on facts, figures, research findings and data. It has no room for one’s personal opinions, at least not till the last paragraph of the essay.

Tip # 6
In the concluding part of the essay, highlight the important points that the facts, figures and data lead up to. Analyze all these conclusions that you have made and then use them in support of the argument that you finally arrive at.

As you can see, writing an expository essay is not as difficult as it is made out to be, although, it does need a lot of hard work, as you are required to add a whole lot of information to it! One last tip before I sign off - after you have written the essay, read and re-read it again, check for continuity and whether the ideas that you have included in the paragraphs, contribute to building up the thesis written in the beginning. If they do, it shows that you are on the right track!

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