Informative Essay

Informative Essay
Providing information on a variety of subjects based on research and representation of data is what an informative essay does. Before you get intimidated with the idea of writing such an essay, here's a look into some tips on writing an informative essay, that will help you get through the process in a simple manner.As the name suggests, an informative essay is meant to provide valuable and extensive information on a subject. The subject may be assigned to you, or you may choose the subject from a variety of topics, based on your interest. The problem with writing informative essays is compiling all the necessary information. Sometimes there is just more information than can be handled by the writer. Moreover, it has to be compiled in a manner that will keep the reader interested and not make it boring. So here we discuss some guidelines to writing a good informative essay that will help.

How to Write an Informative Essay

Before you write your essay, you have to decide how much you are going to write. Ideally an informative essay may range anywhere from 3-5 pages. However, in some cases you may have a restriction on the word count, which is when you will have to restrict the amount of information you put in the essay. This you can do by narrowing down the topic to one aspect. For instance, if you are talking about the evolution of communication tools and techniques over the years, you could deal will just the social, economic, or psychological impact it has had on society. This will considerably reduce the information you are required to present. You will then have to collect necessary information, including relevant facts, latest details and research on the subject. Based on the amount you have to write, you will have to compile and represent the information in the following manner.

The introduction of an informative essay should be such that it provides a summary of the entire essay in one paragraph. It should introduce the reader to the essay topic, and include what will be discussed further on in the essay. Towards the end of the introduction you will include a thesis statement, that provides an overview of the subject and tells the reader what they are going to be looking forward to in the essay. For instance, considering the aforementioned topic dealing with the evolution of communication tools and techniques, you will say that this essay aims to explain how the importance and techniques of communication have evolved over time, and how this evolution has impacted us socially. By writing such a thesis statement you have already made it clear that you will provide information only about the social impact of communication techniques and tools, and not its economic or psychological impact. As such, your information will be minimized to fit into the desired word count.

Main Body
The main body will consist of a lot of information which can be divided into several paragraphs, so that they are easy to present, and to read. This body will consist of a timeline of the methods of communication, from pigeon carriers to the tin can telephone to the cell phones and Internet today. It will then include research and statistics about how this evolution has impacted people in the social realm. Your research may be carried out through references over the Internet, from books in a library, and from personal interviews with people around you. This information could include how children communicate with their parents, how boys and girls communicate with each other, and how subordinates and superiors communicate with each other. You could also include how people are becoming less outgoing because of the dependence on so many methods of communication. All these should be divided into different relevant paragraphs and flow in a logical manner.

The conclusion will wrap up all the information that has been provided in the essay, and will be yet another summary of the details that have been represented in the essay. Since it is an informative essay, no strong personal bias or opinion should be included in it. You may however include a prediction about how things will continue to change and evolve in the future, and how the coming generations will be affected by these changes. The conclusion should not be too long, and should convincingly wrap up all the information that you have presented in your essay.

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