Argumentative Topics for Essays

Argumentative Topics for Essays
Are you searching for some argumentative topics for essays? If yes, you have reached the right place. This article will give you 50 argumentative topics for essays that are interesting and some are funny too. You sure would want to know them now, wouldn't you?There are many easy argumentative essay topics we know of, isn't it? But it is different when you actually start writing on these argumentative topics for essays. You have to choose some topic that may be a little difficult but has a lot of information on it. An argument or debate should have at least a few points to argue on, isn't it? Argumentative essay topics for high school should usually be about subjects that are related to education, learning and topics alike while argumentative essay topics for college students can be more complex and of a higher maturity. Whatever topic you choose, remember that it is what you write and the way you write that matters more. Quality of the content in the essay is given more marks. Given below is an argumentative essay topics list that are for college students while some are also for children in high school.

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics
Everything is fair in love and war.
Smoking should be allowed while working at your desk.
Taking pets inside movie theaters should be allowed.
Even kids should be able to declare bankruptcy.
You should be allowed to listen to music in class.
Beer should be sold on the streets.
The terms overweight and obese should be replaced with 'plump'.
There should be no governments apart from democracy.
Why do round pizzas come in square boxes?
Even animals should be allowed to vote.
Argumentative Topics for Essays
Is social networking becoming more of an addiction than a platform?
Are degree certificates the certificates of intelligence?
Do we take relationships more lightly in today's world?
Is cloning good or bad
Are we all emotionally built to deal with peer pressure?
Is cosmetic surgery becoming more of a habit than a need?
Gods and their existence: True or False
Is Hinduism really a religion
Is it necessary to go to bed early and wake up early?
Is drug dealing more common than we think it is?
Is using cellphones all the time good for us?
What will happen if global warming continues?
Are there any chances for a third World War?
Why have religion and war always been connected in a way?
Should meditation and yoga be practiced daily in school?
How is glamor affecting our daily lives?
Should you really be the master of one than being the jack of all?
Is staying fit and growing thin often misunderstood?
Pros and cons of euthanasia
Need of the hour: Man or Woman

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