How has Technology Changed Our Lives

How has Technology Changed Our Lives
In our attempt to analyze how has technology change our lives, we need to consider a fact that depending on the way of usage, technology is beneficial or harmful to society. Let us know how has technological developments shaped our lives over the decades.How has technology changed our lives - is certainly one of the easiest questions to answer, because the way technology has impacted our lives is evident in every walk of life. Human mind has achieved everything by the power of imagination. It is by the virtue of imagination that man has ushered in an age dominated by revolutionary technological developments. From the day of landing on moon to a trip to Mars, from the introduction of Microsoft Windows to the inception of 3G and 4G technologies, from tape recorders to Apple iPods, from rarely available landlines telephones to abundantly available breed of smartphones, QWERTY phones and iPhones; from the origin of world wide web to web 2.0 and web 3.0 technologies; from revolutionary internet search engines to addictive social networking websites, from blogging forums to Internet shopping; technological developments have impacted our lives in a way that it is next to impossible to imagine this world, without their presence.

How has technology changed our lives - if this is the question that brings you here, then you need to look at both aspects of development in technology. While technological developments have made life amazingly easier, simpler and anything is just a mouse's click away, it has brought several negative health impacts, psychological problems and stress in daily life.

How Has Technology Changed Our Society

"The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do". - B. F. Skinner, an American psychologist, author, inventor and social philosopher.

What is the impact of technology on our society? Obviously, development of technology in the 1970s has led to a far better, comfortable and easier life for people in this century. But on the flip side, it has equally created innumerable problems. Mostly, these problems have stemmed from misuse of technology. As BF Skinner puts in the above quote, it is the human mind that has developed these technologies and so it depends on us, how we use technology for our peril or to our advantage. Having said that, there are three broad areas in our society, that have been impacted by technological changes.

Internet technology has changed our life in numerous ways and it is difficult to keep a count on them. The global world trade and business has become faster, easier and more reliable in the last fifty years. It is easier to book flights, railway tickets, bus tickets even from the comforts of our home. The bill payment and account related works of every business is easily managed by online facilities.

Banks and financial institutions have also introduced online system and this has made our life easier. Now, one doesn't need to go to a bank, wait in a queue for long time and then deposit money. The ATM technology has made it possible to withdraw money during anytime of the day. In today's world, it is impossible for any small or large businesses to thrive without a web presence. No matter you're a stay at home mom or an entrepreneur, the success of your business model can be guaranteed to a large extent, if you're able to use Internet, to your advantage. Google Adwords and Google Adsense have made online advertising as the greatest growing businesses.

Be it local shops, restaurants, shopping malls, retail stores; almost every place has been well managed by technological growth. Businesses have become faster and more challenging, thereby increasing competition in every field. These are some of the most positive effects of technology on society. The impact of technology on business has been phenomenal and in this era, 'information' and ' knowledge' have become commodities.

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