Weird Phobias

Weird Phobias
Want to know about some weird phobias and check if you suffer from any of them? Well, this article is just the place to be.There are people with phobias and then there are people with weird phobias. You'll all agree that while some phobias like a phobia of heights (acrophobia) or a fear of water (antlophobia) seem quite reasonable, there are some that are truly bizarre. For instance, the fear of talking on the telephone is called telephobia! Did you ever imagine that such a phobia even existed? Well it does. And the fact that it actually has a name means a lot doesn't it? In this article, we at Buzzle have tried to compile a list of some really weird phobias and their meanings. Read on and get amazed at the things that people are afraid of. You never know, you might find a name for a nagging fear that you have.

Weird Phobias List

Before we go on to the list of funny and unusual phobias, let us make it very clear that the content given here is in no way intended to make the reader feel ashamed or to distress someone suffering from the phobia. While it may not be a totally complete weird phobias A-Z list, we have tried to include as many phobias as possible in this article. This article on list of all phobias and their meanings is an exhaustive list for that. For now, let's see the weird ones that will leave us truly befuddled.

Ablutophopbia: This is a fear of washing oneself or having a bath.

Allodoxaphobia: People with this phobia have a fear of opinions. So keep yours to yourself if you want to avoid upsetting them.

Anablephobia: Are you afraid of looking up? You, my friend suffer from anablephobia.

Anatidaephobia: This one's really interesting. Anatidaephobia is the fear of being watched by ducks!

Anthropophobia: You might term some people as anti-social. What you may not know is that they might be suffering from anthropophobia, which is a fear of people.

Arachibutyrophobia: For all you peanut butter lovers out there. If you're constantly worried about the butter sticking to the roof of your mouth, then you suffer from arachibutyrophobia.

Basiphobia: A fear of standing or walking around is called basiphobia.

Botanophobia: As the name suggests, this is a fear of something to do with botany. It is a fear of houseplants.

Cacophobia: Crudely put, this is a phobia of ugliness. So if you see someone reacting weirdly to something that is unpleasant to look at, then they might be suffering from this phobia.

Cathisophobia/Thaasophobia: An exact opposite of basiphobia, this is a fear of, get this, sitting! Seriously? How on earth do they manage to live without sitting?

Catoptrophobia: A fear of mirrors is called catoptrophobia. I'd like to find a woman with this one. *wink*

Chromophobia: Here's a really weird one. This is a condition in which people are afraid of bright colors!

Chronophobia: This weird phobia is a fear of time. How does that happen?

Domatophobia: Simply put, this is a fear of houses. Where do they live then?

Ephebiphobia: Every parent must have experienced this at least once. It is the fear of teenagers!

Ereuthrophobia: Erm... Ereuthrophobia is a fear of blushing. What???

Euphobia: Stranger and stranger, this one's a fear of coming across good news!

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: This long word is actually a fear of the same. Fear of what? Fear of long words, of course, is known as hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.

Geniophobia: Boy this is getting weirder and weirder. Geniophobia is a phobia of chins. What do they do with the one they have?

Genuphobia: This is a condition in which people are afraid of knees. Hence, they avoid short clothes and also places where people might expose their knees.

Koumpounophobia: Another unusual thing to be afraid of: buttons on clothing.

Leukophobia: This is the fear of anything that is of the color white.

Linonophobia: If you thought those were weird, here's one more. This is the fear of string. Yes, you read that right, string!

Mnemophobia: If you're too afraid to remember things, then you might have mnemophobia. It is a fear of memories.

Nostophobia: I guess we all have or had this at some point in time, especially when we've done something wrong. It is a fear of returning home.

Octophobia: This one's a no-brainer. Yes, it's a fear of the number 8! Weird huh?

Onomatophobia: If you cringe at the mention of certain names, words or sounds, then you probably have onomatophobia, a fear of certain words or names.

Optophobia: Someone with this phobia will probably never read this. Why? Because it is a fear of opening one's eyes.

Pantophobia: A fear everything, that's right, everything is called pantophobia.

Phagophobia: This is quite a serious phobia to have. It is a fear of swallowing. It could lead to many health related problems.

Phobophobia: This one definitely takes the cake. What is it? It is a fear of phobias!

Philophobia: A fear of love.

Scriptophobia: A fear of public speaking is what I've heard of, but a fear of writing in public? That's what scriptophobia is.

Xenoglossophobia: Many people may have this phobia to some level. It is a fear of foreign languages.

Phew! Who knew so many weird phobias existed right? Nevertheless, at least now we know that there are people who have phobias that are just as weird as the ones we have. What a relief!

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