Unusual Facts about Science

Unusual Facts about Science
An iceberg has inherently more heat than a match stick!! Yeah, I'm not crazy. It's one of the most unusual facts about science! Welcome to this web page and get ready to be amused by some unusual information about science.I chopped off the head of a cockroach yesterday that was encroaching my wardrobe. After basking in the glory of doing such a brave task [;-)], I kept watching it for few minutes. It was still not dead!! I concentrated on other daily chores, only to find that even in the evening, it was alive!! I sensed some paranormal phenomena going on in my room and was afraid that I'm doomed to be avenged by the cockroach's spirit!! Next day, a random search on the Internet presented me before a startling revelation!! I read an article of the reputed Scientific American, discussing the truth behind survival of a cockroach for at least a week, even after its head is smashed! Bravo!! what an endurance power these insects have got. Welcome again to the magnificent world of unusual facts about science. Weirdest and funny, as these facts appear to be, they stand as a testimony to the miraculous and mystic nature of life. Keep reading them to discover more weird science facts.

Unique Facts about Science
Following are some of the most unusual facts about science. Whoa...
Human body is immune to its own tickles. Hence, it's next to impossible to tickle yourself! Certainly, one of the most useless facts about the human body.
The number of people killed by falling coconuts per year is more than than those killed by sharks.
It takes nearly 50,000 years for a plastic container to start decomposing.
Sound waves can bore holes in containers if pitched through proper frequencies.
Even a single drop of liquid may contain 50 million bacteria.
The number of insects even in a square mile of fertile soil is more than the number of people on this Planet.
Alligators get nearly 2000 to 3000 teeths an average in their entire life. No wonder once you're caught in between their teeths, you're finished.
Fish and frogs have rained on numerous occasions in several countries. Whales must have partied with their mouth open during these rains.
The presence of 300 million alveoli makes the surface area of two human lungs equal to that of a normal tennis court. One of the most weird facts about the human body.
A hippopotamus can run even faster than a man. I won't dare to tease a hippo now!
In space, you'll be slightly taller than your height on Earth because there is no gravity pulling you.
If you travel in your car at 80 Km/hr, half of the fuel goes in eliminating wind resistance. Now you know where all the fuel goes.
Saturn planet has lower density than water. Hence, it will float if kept in water.
Emu and Kangaroos find it extremely difficult to walk backwards owing to their leg structure.
Armadillos sleep for 18.5 hours per day and they can even walk underwater. This is weird. Isn't it.
Moth insects have no stomach and the smallest bird's on Earth, Hummingbirds can't walk.
Only ant is the animal that has the largest brain with comparison to its body.
An octopus has three hearts.
The amount of salt underneath ocean is enough to cover all land on continents to a depth of 500 feet. Now, this is seriously among the top 10 weird science facts.
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This was all about some unusual facts about science from my side. Science in particular and the world is general is amazingly funny! Discover more such facts and be amused at the biggest wonder of the Universe, life:-)!

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