Tips on Writing Your First Book

Tips on Writing Your First Book
Want to express your feelings and thoughts? Write! Have a story to tell the world? Write a book! How? By making use of the tips on writing your first book suggested below...So, you want to write a book? Considering the fact that there have been thousands of writers before you who have written some great books, it is something which is humanly possible! Your aim is achievable, real and with the below given tips on writing a book for the first time, you will definitely be able to turn it into reality!

Useful Tips on Writing Your First Book

Whether you are planning to write a fiction, non-fiction, a children's book or a mystery, the first and the foremost of tips that I can give you is to WRITE! Do not waste your time thinking about what to write, how to write, where to begin, etc. Keep some pages or a dairy with you at all times and simply scribble whatever thoughts come in your mind. You never know what creative ideas for writing a book for the first time you may come up with, while sipping a coffee in a cafe or watching an old woman walk her dog in the garden!

Time It!
Setting aside a few hours everyday for writing is very important. So, if you have college or work in the morning, make it a point to write for two-three hours in the evening. You can always make use of your weekends, if you wish to write for long hours. By writing on a set time everyday, you are kind of forming a routine. This routine of writing everyday will do you good in your writing future, especially if it is book writing that interests you.

Choose an Idea!
I am assuming here that by now, you already have some story idea, around which you wish to write a book. As you are a beginner, one of the most useful tips on writing your first book that I can give you is to select a genre that interests you and which you are comfortable writing in. Mystery, romance, non-fiction, fantasy - choose to write on a subject that has always been your favorite.

Build on the Idea!
Start developing on the idea that you have. A trick that many new writers use is to first write the basic plot of around two, three pages and then start writing the book around it. After you have written the gist of your novel, write about the characters in detail, their basic nature, their strengths, their weaknesses and all those things that make them unique and different. Decide on the setting of the novel - whether it's some real place that you want the novel to be set in or a fictitious place. You need to decide on the time period too. For this, a thorough research will be required from your side.

Along with writing your own book, get hold of some books that are written in the same genre by some well known authors and read them. By reading these books, you will find inspiration to write your own book. However, inspiration and getting influenced are two very different things, so keep this in mind while writing a book for the first time.

It is never too late to educate yourself. So, to brush up your writing skills, take a course in writing. In these courses, various kinds of writing exercises are conducted, which will help in improving your language, expression and flow of writing.

Keep on Writing!
Be consistent in your writing. Do not skip any day. If the idea of writing the outline first and then writing the characters does not work for you, start writing about the protagonist first. Make him a complex character with many layers. Then give him a problematic situation, which he is trying to deal with. After this, keep on adding characters, who either help him out of this situation or make it worse! Ignore this tip if you are sure of what you want to write about and are already doing a pretty decent job of it! Nevertheless, be consistent!

Keep it Simple!
Usually, it is seen that first time writers use big words and phrases, only to impress their readers. Refrain from doing this. Write as simply as you can. Keep in mind the kind of readers you are writing for and then write in a language which they can connect to. Follow this rule while writing the scenes, dialogs, characters as well as the climax.

Get It Edited!
Once you are done writing the book (it might take you months), give it to someone to read and edit, whose writing skills you can vouch for. It can be the teacher at your writing class or a fellow writer. Whatever suggestions and changes that are suggested by the editor, discuss these in detail with him and if you are convinced, incorporate them in your writing. At this point, one of the important tips for you is to take criticism in a positive manner.

This is the last step. Read the book again. If you still feel that some changes need to be made, make them. If some portions of the book don't impress you, rewrite them. Basically, take your own sweet time, before coming up with the final copy!

Writing a book is a journey. It is a process that involves lots of trials and errors. Maybe the book that you have written is not able to impress any publisher. Anything can happen. So, keep an open mind, give writing your best shot, keep on reading literature, experience life to the fullest by traveling to new places, live and love passionately and I am sure, one day, with all your experience, you will be able to write an excellent book! All the best!

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