Steps to the Writing Process

Steps to the Writing Process
This article shares some steps to the writing process that would help you create your own literature on different topics. To know more about the ways to the writing process, read on...Someone has rightly said that writing is an art and can be accomplished with practice. Some people are born writers because writing comes naturally to them. They just have to hold a pen in their hand or place the fingers on the key board and thoughts pour on the piece of paper or a word file. Lucky them! But not of all of us can avail to this luxury. Yet, it is not even an impossible art to master. With regular practice and good command over the language, it is possible to create some good literature. The practice includes following the few steps to the writing process that makes your work comprehensive and readable.

There are times when we wish we had good writing skills. Be it elocution competitions, essay competitions, script writing for role plays, writing letters to the friends and family members, writing formal letters, expressing grievances, writing thank you notes, birthday wishes, and many more such moments where we need to have good writing abilities to convey the written message effectively. This article will share information on the basic steps to the writing process that would assist you in becoming a better writer. Given below are some of the writing fields that require different creative writing skills and abilities.
Article Writing
Letter Writing
Song Writing
Business Writing
Essay Writing
Fiction Writing
Content Writing
Freelance Writing
Technical Writing
Resume Writing
Persuasive Writing
Script Writing
5 Steps to the Writing Process

Thinking and Background Research: It is one of the most crucial steps to the writing process. You must start thinking deeply before you start writing about a particular topic. You also have to decide on the topic you are planning to write and how much information you are going to include about that topic in your writing piece. For example, if you want to write about flowers you must decide what you want to say about flowers. 'Flowers' is a broad topic and you need to narrow down the topic so that it becomes easy for you to write and simple for readers to comprehend.

You also need to find out the primary information about the topic so that you provide readers with the facts and not the false information. Look for books, personalities, and websites that can provide you the information. As you do the research, note down the source of information as well for further reference. You can consult your friends, parents, teachers, or experts about the topic. Before you start writing, you must decide your target reader and write accordingly.

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