Persuasive Essay Ideas

Persuasive Essay Ideas
Persuasive essays aim at persuading the reader into agreeing with your point of view by making valid arguments to support the cause. The following article will give you some persuasive essay ideas that you can use for some effective essay writing.Persuasive essays. How exactly are they different from any other essay forms? What is the pulse of a persuasive essay? The pulse can be understood from the inclusion of the word 'persuasion'. This should make it amply clear that this form of essay writing has got to do with something that needs convincing and persuading people. You write an essay with the sole purpose of persuading the reader. And for something that has a fixed objective in mind, there needs to be certain acquired writing skills as well. But that apart, the theme or the topic at hand is of foremost importance, because it is with that topic that you'll be basing your defense. Thus choosing a good persuasive essay topic becomes really important if you want to make an impression. In the following article, we shall look at some persuasive essay ideas for different age groups.

Persuasive Essay Ideas for Middle School

When it comes to persuasive essay ideas for middle school, it works best to keep them simple. At this stage in a young student's life, we are just getting him/her started out on the way a persuasive essay should be written. Here are a few persuasive essay ideas for kids of this age group that you can use. These could even double up as persuasive speech topics for middle school:
Is it important to have pets?
Should there be homework?
Should the break time be increased?
Should make up and usage of cosmetics be allowed in school?
Should children be co-educated?
Should the practice of keeping animals in zoos be banned?
Should circuses be banned from having animals?
Persuasive Essay Examples for High School

At the high school level, we can expect the kids to have acquired an overall understanding of how a persuasive essay should be handled. They have reached a stage where they can argue a point effectively well and intelligently. Here are some persuasive essay ideas that they can use:
Should cell phones be allowed in schools?
Should uniforms be made compulsory?
Has the media and Internet replaced physical activity?
Should poultry and other animals used for consumption, be fed with growth hormones?
Should we be taking actions against preventing extinction of species?
Are video games too violent?
Is a homemaker given the same respect as one would give someone with a job?
Should vocational training be made compulsory in schools?
Is it important to have role models?
Do celebrities make for bad role models?
Should chewing gum in class be banned?
Should ragging be severely punished?
Is practical knowledge more important or is theoretical knowledge?
Should HIV positive workers be made to tell their employers of their status?

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