Sample Persuasive Essay Topics - Good Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas

Sample Persuasive Essay Topics - Good Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas
Writing a persuasive essay is not a daunting task, provided one chooses the subject matter based on the following guidelines...Choosing Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasion is an art that requires considerable skill and effort in order to convince the reader or the viewer to endorse our viewpoint. Advertising is an excellent example of persuasion at work, in real life. Persuasive advertising intends to grab the attention of the viewer, win over his confidence and encourage him to buy the product or ratify the advertiser's belief system. Moreover, all this is accomplished within a short period of time. Thankfully, persuasive writing allows one the luxury of elaborating on one's viewpoint without any consternation. However, persuasive essays, unlike advertisements, cannot rely on visual appeal and graphic presentation for strengthening the argument. Instead, one has to rely on the power of words to convey, with utmost confidence and passion, a matter that is close to one's heart. Passion and play on words will indeed have the desired effect, provided one believes in the strength of one's convictions. In other words, subjects on which one has pre-conceived notions make good persuasive essay topics.

Writing a Persuasive Essay

The persuasive essay topic unleashes a long cherished desire for free expression on the subject. The introduction is powerful and ensures the full attention of the voracious reader eager to assimilate knowledge on the subject at hand. A short and powerful introduction has the desired effect of enthralling the audience. The body of the essay is where the subject is built with great love and care. Views and beliefs, that once belonged to us, are gradually introduced to the world. The paragraphs elaborating our belief, whether for or against, are the pulse of the essay. As the essay gains momentum, the author ventures into the murky territory of conflicting beliefs. This is when one's abilities as good author will stand the test of time. A good author should have the magnanimity and capability of handling issues that may evoke unsavory responses with utmost care; ensuring that in one's zest to put forth a viewpoint, one does not hurt the feelings of people sharing contrary beliefs. This task, if accomplished, can help one win over people sharing a completely different point of view. With the argument firmly in place, one moves over to the conclusion, once again reiterating one's beliefs.

Sample Persuasive Essay Topics

Examples of persuasive essays: Euthanasia- An Act of Compassion; The Almighty God and Disadvantages of Bilingual Education are a few persuasive essay ideas. These are just a few sample topics for persuasive essay writing. Any topic is fine provided you have the strength of conviction. If you believe in it, you can write about it.

Sample Essay

Euthanasia: An Act of Compassion

Deliverance from endless suffering is the greatest service that can be performed by a healer. It is true that the ability to enjoy life and live it to the fullest is cherished by all. Life is a journey, an education of sorts, a blend of joy and sorrow but not a eulogy of pain.

Imagine a life of constant pain and endless medication. A life devoid of happiness, not because of the lack of love or money, but simply because of the inability to experience anything other than pain. Overwhelming pain that racks the body, saps it of any desire to experience life and all the person wants is to end the pain.

Flu, common cold and fever are minor irritants that disrupt life in small ways. A simple flu or fever, if left untreated, causes so much suffering to a person. Something as trivial as a common cold, that just lasts a week, becomes unbearable at times. Then, how is one to bear a painful incurable ailment without hoping for retribution?

One wonders if there is any hope at all and that's when the miracle happens. Drifting gently into a deep painless sleep, forgetting the pain and agony that life unwittingly bestowed, one moves towards the speck of light visible at the end of the tunnel. Happiness means different things to different people. A premeditated crime is definitely wrong, but Euthanasia, an act of compassion that brings happiness to a dying man, is commendable.

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