How to Write Fiction

How to Write Fiction
Have you always harbored a feeling to write that can make you well known or to win a Booker Prize? If your answer is yes, then welcome to the awesome world of fantasy. Fiction writing requires some exceptional skills. Read on to know more on how to write fiction.One of the best ways of unleashing one's imagination is to write. Fiction writing is one of the most interesting genres, where there is no restraint on how to write or what to write. Anything that you think of writing can become a story. The passion for creative writing will help you unleash your hidden talent of becoming a fiction writer. You only need to know the correct methodology on how to write fiction. Let us see more about what is fiction and how to write a fiction book.

Fiction (taken from the Latin word fictum, meaning 'created') is defined as a literary work that is based on one's imagination. Fiction is one of the genres of literature that includes novels, dramas, poetry, prose, etc. Fiction has its own origin and is as old as literature itself. There are three categories according to which fiction can be classified - by form, by length and by content. Each fiction story or novel revolves around some important elements of fiction like plot, the story setting, characters, theme and style. Fiction is also classified according to the likes of the intended audience, for instance there are fiction novels available according to the age and taste of an individual. A good fiction writer keeps his audience entertained and glued to the book till the last page. Given below are some techniques on how to write fiction stories and novels.

How to Write Fiction Novel?

Writing a fiction novel requires only one thing; good imagination. If you can imagine about various plots with twisted endings, or can think of speculative stories based on normal things, then you have the spark to become a fiction writer. Follow these tips on how to write a fiction book -
Plan a proper structure, like whether you want to write a fiction novel or a set of fictional stories, before you start writing. Decide about the plot and creating characters in a story and the setting of the story. You can also take ideas for the plot from dreams, newspapers, personal life, etc. where you will come across a plethora of incidents.
Choose impressive and rare names for the characters in the story. This is the first thing that the readers will notice in your novel. The more rare the name, the enticing will the reader find the plot. Also, don't forget to give a detailed description of the characters like their family, occupation, etc.
Choose a proper story outline and plan out the process before actually writing a story. Once you have chalked out the plot, characters and story, start writing. But make sure that the plot reflects the characters' personality.
Begin by writing a rough draft of the story, by working out the details and main story line. Don't worry about the grammatical or syntax errors right now, there will be plenty of time to correct them later.
Once you are finished with the rough draft, read through the chapters and arrange them according to the continuation and bind them. You can get an opinion from your family and friends by telling them to go through it and mark for the mistakes.
Correct the mistakes and make a final draft of your novel and send it to a publisher.

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