Story Ideas for Fiction Writers

Story Ideas for Fiction Writers
Reading a fictional novel or short story is surely interesting, however it is not always easy for the writer to come up with an interesting and enthralling story idea. Here are some tips on how to come across story ideas for fiction writers...Fiction is a literary work based on the writer's imagination. A work of fiction appears in a variety of ways including family drama, science fiction, children's fiction or fantasy. Fictional stories constitute characters, plot, setting and the author's personal style. Fiction writing is a form of creative writing where the author weaves up a story using his/her creativity and imagination. But, where does the idea for fiction writing come from? Be it a first time writer, or a professional fiction writer, thinking about a story idea for writing fiction can be mind boggling.

It is said that fiction writers need just a small idea or thought to start writing a story. The most important thing to become a fiction writer is to have a questioning mind. People who are inquisitive by nature are likely to self-question whatever they see, hear and experience. This is a very important aspect of a fiction writer because being speculative will help one in obtaining ideas from one's surroundings itself. Here are some ways tips for fiction writers that can be used to get story ideas to create an innovative story.

Story Ideas for Fiction Writers

Personal Life
One's personal life is the best source to get a story idea. Often people think that their life is very dull and monotonous and not fit to write a story about. However, one must remember that fiction is not reality, it is a work of imagination. You can take a dramatic, funny or emotional incident from your life and create a story based on it. The story need not be the exact replica of the incident, you just have to take the basic idea and the reconstruct the whole story using your creativity. One can also create stories based on real life characters. However, it is not necessary to portray the characters exactly as one sees them. You can change their age, qualifications, occupation and social situation to give a different look to the characters.

Everyday when we read the newspaper, we come in contact with a plethora of incidents. Why not make a story out of one of those situations? If you read a news report regarding a woman murdered by her husband, you can create a story out of this. Just ask some questions like, how did they get married, about their family life, children and think about reasons that would have led the husband to kill his wife. The reason may or may not be the truth. You just a need a gist of that incident to write the rest of the story. You can also take up the perspective of one of the characters of the incident. You can write a story on the perspective of the husband, one of the children or maybe the neighbors of the couple.

Dreams are another source to gain story ideas for fiction writers. It is true that the incidents we see in our dreams may have no connection or may be too far fetched. However, they can prove to be great stories. All you have to do is to keep a notepad or diary next to your bed and as soon as you get up jot down whatever you remember about the dream. It may seem unintelligent to you, but you never know which part of your dream can become an idea for your story.

Photographs and Pictures
Photographs also are a good way for acquiring an idea for a fiction story. You can browse through your own family album or old pictures of one of your friends and come out with wonderful ideas. Observe the occasion, the location, people present in the photo, their expression, check for people standing in the background, etc. All these could help you in producing an enthralling story. This can also be applied to paintings and pictures one comes across.

Story ideas for fictional work can also be generated from a book or even a magazine. For instance, reading a book on World War-II can lead you to write a story about a soldier who died in war or about an old soldier recollecting the war days, while lying on his death bed.

These are some ways of coming up with story ideas for fiction writers. If you are thinking of writing fiction, you just have to pick up an idea from the things around you and let your imagination to do the rest of the work.

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