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Fiction Writing
If you are interested in the life and work of the great Irish literary genius, James Joyce, read this article.James Augustine Aloysius Joyce, better known as James Joyce was a writer of great literary talent. He was born on 2 Feb, 1832. He was known better for his style of writing, which was much like the "stream of consciousness" method where the writer just moves on as and how his thoughts take shape. It is far from conventional which is the reason he had to face rejection from the publishers of that time. He is best known for novels like "Ulysses" and "Dubliners" in which he described the mundane and shabby life of people in Ireland. His novel "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" is semi autobiographical and it actually shows the predicament of a boy who grows up in an already overcrowded family, which is going down the social ladder. He presents conflicts between religion, reality, patriotism and capitalism. The best part of the novel is that it deals with the conflict of a young man between his artistic inclination and the poor future prospects that it has.

Work and life of James Joyce

The novels of Joyce were replete with symbolism and significance and a deep study could only help the readers to unlock the pleasure of reading associated with it. Since his novels were tough to comprehend for the common, he could not gain much popularity. It is surprising that Joyce hated life in Ireland but most of his literary works are based in Ireland and share one or the other kind of association. His psychological world could not get rid of Ireland, which constantly inspired him to write about his native place.

Joyce moved out of Ireland at the age of twenty-two and came to France where he took up journalism and teaching and many other occupations other than writing because he had to survive under intense financial crisis. During the First World War Joyce moved out of France and came to Zurich where he started writing the first chapters of Ulysses. After Ulysses, which came out in public in 1933, the next book was Finnegan’s wake, which he started writing in around 1923 when he was already in Paris. At that time he was also suffering from eye troubles, which were caused due to Glaucoma.

Joyce’s work and life had been subjected to much scrutiny and both pose as a mystery to us. There are few things that would always remain unexplained about him. Some experts acknowledge the literary skills of Joyce and some do condemn but then this is undeniable that Joyce and his literary work has changed the element of conventional style of writing and given way to much more experimental ways. He has left such a mark, which can never be neglected. He gave us a deep insight into human minds and how they work under certain conditions. The major works of James Joyce includes "Dubliners", "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man", "Ulysses" and "Finnegan’s Wake". Apart from these there are collections of poems like "Chamber Music" and "Pomes Penyeach" and a play written by him called "Exiles".

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