Short Story Topic Ideas

Short Story Topic Ideas
Writing a gripping short story takes a great deal of study about the subject matter. The plot has to be narrated with novelty and originality. Read on to know what can make an interesting story.For a writer, the art of writing is a tool to converse with oneself and put forth his thoughts to a larger audience, subsequently. It is indeed an act that comes with a great responsibility towards oneself and others as well. There isn't a particular formula which determines effective writing. It takes deliberate effort, innovation in terms of ideas and experimentation with writing style that makes a writer noteworthy. Many a times, writers stick to a certain style of writing and they repeat their story ideas. This makes the work monotonous and bland to the reader. Break out of the routine and get yourself a few short story topic ideas to spin a few unforgettable stories.

Short Story Ideas

Romantic Ironies
Every one has read the run of the mill romantic stories about a damsel in distress, who is saved by a knight in shining armor, who marries her later. These surreal stories are often fantasies that the authors themselves want to live or believe in, for better or for worse. Amidst this, most writers fail to see the reality of romantic struggles of day-to-day lives. Look around you to find your inspiration for romantic ironies, that are far more thought provoking and real, than the stereotypes. The love stories come with struggles which bring accomplishments, hope which negates the despair, fights that make the bond stronger and the tough times that make your realize that your partner could not have been more perfect. Now write this as a short story idea with a twist, that says, it could never have happened. Challenge the idea of ever-after, despite the true love's kiss, to make this your hit romantic irony.

Paradoxes of Crime
Every crime stems from a desperation, that could not have been done otherwise. An act of crime, comes from someone's act of faith towards the criminal. Have you ever tried to think a story from the villain's point of view? It is easy to discard them as the bad guys, but there surely lies a bigger secret that made them this way. A story that narrates the side of a criminal or the wrongdoer, is the one that places a paradox in front of the reader. Undoubtedly it justifies the victim, but it also reasons out the actions of the person who caused the hurt. A story that brings out the paradoxes of crime will definitely give some food for thought to the reader.

Thrills of Adventures
Every adventure has a story of daredevilry and someone's cowardice. An adventure is the peak of human emotions, that make such short story ideas interesting to listen or read. When every word captures this thrilling emotion, it becomes a gripping tale. Adventure story ideas challenge the writer to paint a picture with a thousand words for the reader. Focus on the difficult situations that the protagonist came across, how it made him think differently, what he felt, how his emotions motivated him to come out of the situation, the crescendo of the adventure and then how it comes to an end.

Poignant Drama
Life without drama seems incomplete. Everyday brings a new series of events, that lead your emotions on a sinusoidal wave. Delve a little deeper into these events, to get the story that will get you the readers. Stories that speak about familial ties, broken friendships that are reunited years later, love that is found after its long gone and loss that makes the protagonist realize what he actually gained from it, are some of the themes on which you can base your short story.

While writing a story, a writer has limited usage of words and a restricted space. Within these limitations he must sketch his characters well, bring them onto a situation, show their struggles and describe what happened to them in the process. The short story topic ideas that get a large audience are the ones that touch the nerve with the simplest emotions.

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