Short Story Topics

Short Story Topics
Though there is no dearth of topics for short stories, people still have a tough time coming up with something that they themselves can classify as brilliant. Given here are some short story topics to inspire you and write that 'brilliant' short story.All of us have writers hidden deep inside, waiting to come out. As desirable as it is to be able to write a unique short story and shoot to fame, it is difficult to come up with a short story idea that has not been thought of before. Topics for short stories are definitely not less in number, but the truth is, thinking of these topics can be very challenging. Even if you have an idea and begin to mull over it, you suddenly come across something that is much better and find yourself disheartened. The idea is to have faith in your short story topic and ensure that you give it your 100% to come up with a great story. This is what will make it unique and have it stand out among others. Force yourself to think out of the box, give yourself time, and develop the story as and when you have a striking idea. Here, we discuss some ideas for short story topics that you can develop on, or inspire from to come up with unique ideas yourself. Take a look.

Some Topics for Short Stories

Students and budding writers who want to write always find themselves worrying about how to come up with short story topics that will strike a chord with their audience. To be able to come up with such a topic, there is only one rule that you should follow: be observant of your surroundings. A heightened observation followed by a deep desire for knowledge will make you come up with wonderful ideas. Read, watch T.V, spend time with people from all walks of life, and you will be able to pick up subjects that can give you great short stories. Some people have decided to write short stories on the most absurd subjects after overhearing a conversation between two passengers on a train. So keep your ears and your eyes open to come up with some superb short story ideas. And for those of you who have tried all of this and still failed, here are some short story topic ideas for you.

If Harry loved Hermione
Have you ever thought what if your favorite story had a twist? How would it develop? Would the end be different or just the same? Taking an example of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series, you can create a short story on a budding love story between the two, instead of their respective partners. What would be different? Would it affect Harry's friendship with Ron? What about Ginny? Citing another example, what if from the popular T.V show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Rachel and Chandler got together instead of Rachel and Ross? Choose any two characters from T.V shows, books, comic strips, or real life celebrities, to build on a short story with a twist. You can go as far as you want with your ideas, and create a masterpiece from a masterpiece!

I Was Trying to Write When...
Showcase your struggle in being able to come up with a topic for your story, and then trying to write it. Create an event that stopped you from developing on the story. A spirit whose life resembled the story you were trying to write? A competitor who tried to steal the idea from you and pass it off as her own? A huge family that you had to take care of, that just wouldn't allow you the time to write? Anything inventive, or a little twist to the mundane can make the plot of your story and represent a real life situation in a creative way.

8:30 P.M to 7:30 A.M
You would think that this is the time period from one evening to the next morning, but actually, you are expected to write a story in rewind. Start your story from the end, say with a celebrity receiving an award for the best actor in a negative role on a T.V show or a movie. Develop the story backward to describe a series of events that led to this actor receiving the award. Was he really the first choice for the award? Did he have to pull strings to receive it? Were other people responsible for this person's success? All in the span of 13 hours, create a series of events that make for a thrilling short story!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
You are all aware of the story of Snow White and the wicked queen who often found herself asking Mirror mirror on the wall, Who in the land is the fairest of all? Ever thought about the plight of that mirror? How about writing the autobiography of a mirror that reflects a thousand faces and a thousand situations everyday? How about writing about a mirror in a public washroom, say that of a posh hotel, or of a corporate office, a mirror that soaks up all the office gossip, and what it feels about what's going on? Bring inanimate objects to life by placing them in human situations. The results will be outstanding, and definitely hilarious!

What Shall I Give Thee?
What will a person who has nothing himself give to the world? Imagine a street urchin who has nothing. What will he include in his will, should something happen to him? What will he give away, and to whom? This can be an extremely touching story, that enables you to delve into the life of those who are worse off, and how they are still so giving. Think about it and bring out emotions in your readers they didn't know they had.

Have you been inspired yet? If not, keep looking around your surroundings. There is a lot you can draw inspiration from to make the basis of an interesting short story topic. Keep at it, and if you just can't seem to figure it out, take a break for a while. Eventually, you will be able to write a short story that will wow your audience! Good luck!

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