Creative Short Story Ideas

Creative Short Story Ideas
What you need more than ideas itself are tips to come up with creative short story ideas, so that you can stimulate your imagination and create a literary masterpiece. Take a look at the tips presented here.Some day I'll write a book about this. At some point of time or the other, all of us have wanted to become famous, accomplished writers, and write stories about ourselves, our surroundings, or the events that we have witnessed in our own or our loved ones' lives. As interesting it may be, we also know that writing a book just out of the blue can appear colossal. This is why if you are a budding writer and truly want to see your book out on the stands some day, it is a good idea to start with short stories. Writing a short story can introduce you to the basics of creative writing, and prepare you for longer versions. Now you probably aren't very well-acquainted about how to write a creative short story, which is what we bring to you in the following tips to come up with creative short story ideas.

Writing Tips and Ideas for a Creative Short Story

Being creative requires you to be very aware of yourself and your surroundings. No one should actually say they are 'not creative'. All of us are creative individuals; it is only the level of creativity that differs. This is because some are more aware of the stimuli they are being exposed to while others are not. If you channelize your energies and thoughts well, you too can come up with several creative short story ideas. Here, we present to you some tips that will lead you to developing some wonderful ideas for your first creative short story.

Keep that Little Black Book at Hand
Wherever you are, keep a little note book with you where you can jot down your thoughts almost immediately. On the other hand, if you see something somewhere and presume it to be a great foundation for a short story, note it down so you can build on it later. Perhaps you could see a sign somewhere and let your thoughts run wild, or you could overhear a conversation and develop it into an idea for a creative short story. These will help you come up with interesting fiction story ideas that you can make one of your best pieces of writing.

For instance, your friend comes and tells you that while babysitting at her neighbor's one night, she received a threatening phone call that was actually meant for the mistress of the house. You could use this as the plot of your story and come up with a unique short story idea.

Keep Writing
Writer's blocks are overrated, and in any case, the only way to get through them is by continuing writing. This is an exercise you should practice every day, preferably at the same time. Write down a list of random words, your thoughts at that moment, or what you are watching on TV or listening to your mom saying. Write continuously for five minutes. Once you are done, pick out words that you think represent a kind of an idea that you can play with. You are sure to come up with some short story topics and creative writing ideas.

For instance, you have written the words clown, cartoon, food, handbag, cucumber, ring, rose, eraser, notice, tree, wire, etc. From these words, you could probably create a story of a ring that the protagonist found under a tree that belonged to a famous circus clown, and how the protagonist set out to return the ring. You could also probably include some magical powers the ring had and come up with an interesting short story idea for kids that they will definitely enjoy.

Do Justice to the Term 'Creative'
We've all read love stories, suspense, thrillers, and horror movies. These have been written and re-written over and over with different plots, characters, and endings. With due respect to all these literary masterpieces, what I personally term creative is perhaps Harry Potter. It was absolutely out of this world, and though there was nothing to relate to in the book, one could still relate to every aspect of it. So if you think that idea you have had is preposterous, think again. You may not be a master of the game like J. K. Rowling is, but you can definitely get started in the same direction by writing a short story. If it is that idea you had about two coffee beans talking about the 'daily grind', or the blossoming love between a watering can and a plant with the garden hose as the villain, go ahead and work on it. Here's one more example: the Bee Movie? It is another creative pursuit that even has an underlying theme of the consequences of tampering with nature. Yes, your protagonist doesn't always have to be a person. It could be a plastic bag that wreaks havoc wherever it goes. It could be a pair of earphones that causes people to go deaf every time they plug it in. It could be a tube light under which you can see the images running through someone's mind, or it could be a pair of glasses through which you can see beyond your immediate surroundings. Creating characters in a story that is meant to be creative is not difficult. The very democracy of creative writing allows you to choose from a speck of sand to a mountain unmovable. So start paying attention to all that you have overlooked, and derive inspiration from those.

Creative Short Stories can be Humorous
Just because you have set out to learn how to write a creative short story it doesn't mean they only have to be love stories or based on science fiction story ideas. They can be humorous too. Everyone deals with a lot of seriousness in life. Giving them something to laugh about is a good idea. Try incorporating humor in your short stories every once in a while. They are sure to be appreciated by everyone who reads them.

Let Your Reader get Creative too
When setting out with your short story, try elaborating on some short story ideas with a twist that leaves something to the imagination of the reader. Some readers enjoy works of writing that stimulate their minds too. If you have read the compilation of short stories by Jeffrey Archer called 12 Red Herrings, you may have seen that in the last story he provides the reader with four different endings, and lets the reader choose how he would like his story to end. You could inspire from this idea for creative story writing and write an open ended short story where readers are allowed to finish the story.

For instance, if we consider the aforementioned example about the magic ring, you could end the story where just while the protagonist is returning the ring to the clown, it falls to the ground, and a crack starts appearing on the ground. This will allow the reader to decide what happens next!

There are numerous elements of a short story and you can build on these by opening up your mind and not admonishing any idea you have as stupid, ridiculous, or absurd. I say being silly also requires creativity. So no matter what kind of creative short story ideas you have, give them some thought, elaborate on them, and take them to a whole new level of creative writing. Have faith in yourself, and you will be able to publish one day, your collection that will soon become famous short stories and rule the world. Good luck!

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