Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

Creative Writing Prompts for Kids
As a teacher, do you want to use creative writing prompts for kids to help them enhance their writing skills? In this article, we give you examples of writing prompts that can help you in your task.Writer's block is something most of us would have experienced at some point of time or the other. It is a situation where we are at our wit's end when it comes to writing anything even faintly creative. In such a situation, a creative writing prompt comes in handy because its forces us to think hard and acts as a catalyst for our imagination. When it comes to children, using creative writing prompts for kids is a good way of introducing them to the art of writing. These prompts will help you understand how to help a child expand his horizons when it comes to writing, and how to trigger his brain into coming up with essays that serves as a mirror to his resourcefulness and creativity. In this article, we give you examples of creative writing prompts for kids in elementary and middle school that you can use for when you are giving out writing assignments.

Narrative Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

Narrative writing prompts for kids helps train kids to logically and sequentially write about events that have occurred. It allows kids to gain knowledge about the importance of writing in a logical order and how to explain things clearly. When drafting writing prompts for kids, you can try to use both fictional and non-fictional events.
Describe in detail your visit to your grandparents.
Imagine that you have got the same abilities as your favorite superhero. Narrate what you would do next.
Narrate how you spend your birthdays.
Describe an instance where you fought with one of your closest friends and how you resolved the fight.
Describe what you experience with change in seasons.
Narrate in detail a day that would qualify as your fantasy day.
Describe the incident that is the root cause of your greatest fear.
Describe an incident where you felt like you helped another person overcome the problem they were facing.
Persuasive Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

It is important for every child to learn how to put forward his or her point of view logically with proper reasoning. Creative writing prompts for kids that are persuasive develops these skills in kids and allows them to express their argument with proper facts and examples.
You want to convince your mother to take you for the latest movie that is playing in town. How will you do it?
You need to make your parents agree to your arguments about increasing your pocket money. Detail the conversation.
How will you convince your teacher to change the location of the class trip that you are going to take?
You want to get a pet. Your parents think that you are not ready for the responsibility. How will you convince them otherwise?
Make a persuasive argument to convince the Principal of your school to not make physical education classes mandatory.
How would you make an argument to your parents about extending your bedtime?
It is important for you to attend a family function for which you need to miss a test. Your teacher is going to fail you if you do not give the test. Make an argument for your case.
Why should you be allowed to wear clothes of your choice to school?

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