Creative Writing Scholarships

Creative Writing Scholarships
While there are many creative writing scholarships available today, finding them and choosing the right one remains a tough task. Keep reading to get some great information on the various scholarships for creative writing courses...For many creative writing enthusiasts, the huge fees of creative writing courses are not affordable. Amongst these enthusiasts there are also many deserving writers who really have potential. For such individuals, many universities, organizations, and literary societies are coming up with different scholarships. These scholarships are of different types, and may fully sponsor your course or may offer a waiver in the fees. The following are some creative writing scholarships for school and college students.

Creative Writing Scholarships for College Students

The Armistead Maupin Creative Writing Scholarship Fund
This scholarship is given in honor of Armistead Maupin. It is given through the equity foundation to students who are taking or planing to take a course in liberal arts or creative writing. Students or applicants just need to be good at their art, and should not have any published works, in order to apply.

NEA Creative Writing Fellowship
The National Endowment of Arts grants a creative writing fellowship in fiction and poetry. However, to apply for this scholarship, you need to have some published work. It is a national level fellowship and so the competition is very fierce. The fellowship amount is $25,000.

The John Engman Poetry Scholarship
This scholarship is specifically for creative writers who are more inclined toward poetry. The criteria for eligibility includes the applicant proving to their committee that the total family income does not exceed $20,000 per year. These scholarships are randomly selected from the applications. You do not have to be a published author to avail this scholarship.

The J.D. Salinger Award Scholarship
Ursinus College grants this scholarship to its students who have a flair for creative writing. The scholarship amount is a whopping $25,000 annually, for four years. That's not all, you also get to live in the dorm, for a year, where Salinger himself once lived. But due to so many benefits, the competition for this scholarship is very high. It can be your pathway to enter the world of creative writing.

Creative Writing Scholarships for High School Seniors

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Technically this is not a scholarship, but it is a prestigious award and can get you a lot of recognition. Also, the top 5 winners of this award get a sum of $10,000 which they can use to pay for their creative writing courses. Moreover, even if you are not in the top 5, just winning the award makes you eligible for scholarships offered by colleges.

Poets and Writers Magazine Funds
The poets and writers magazine conducts workshops, book reading, and other literary events for school students to encourage these young writers. The have also funded many such events in various cities and small towns. The maximum fund amount is $1,500.

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