Creative Writing Exercises

Creative Writing Exercises
Do you often feel frustrated when words do not come out of your mind, when you sit to write? Though it would be a matter of concern, you really need not worry as here are some creative writing exercises that would help in sharpening and enhancing your creative writing skills.Any book that involves creative writing includes thought and hard work on the part of the writer. But it is not necessary that your creative thinking cap will be on your head at all times. In the process of writing, it is normal to have phases where the writer is unable to come up with anything. This is usually experienced by writers who are just starting to write, however, this is also quite common among experienced writers. If such a situation arises, there is no need to panic, rather you just have to practice certain creative writing exercises which would help in rejuvenating your mind and aid you in coming up with quality stuff.

Exercises for Creative Writing

Journal or Diary Writing: Many people have the habit of keeping a journal or diary where they pen their experiences, thoughts, etc., on a daily basis. Not only it is a great stress relief where you can pour out your feelings and frustrations, this is said to be one of the best creative writing exercise. You can jot down interesting story ideas that come to your mind. You can also fill up your journals with sudden thoughts, dreams that you have experienced, etc. Write about different people you have met, their body language, the manner in which they talk, etc. Apart from filling these journals with thoughts, it is also important to go through your journal regularly because even a line or a phrase has the ability to trigger an idea for a whole story.

Free Writing: Many people believe that free writing is similar to journal writing. However, it is altogether a different kind of creative writing exercise. While in journal writing, we put down our thoughts, in free writing we write whatever comes to our mind. It is an unstructured way of writing where you have set down a time for yourself, for instance take around 20 minutes and write continuously for that period of time without stopping. The writing need not be meaningful or connected. You can also start with 'what should I write?' or 'I can't write anything'. The main point is that you have to write something without worrying about the spelling or grammar. After the set period of time, go through whatever you have written, there are chances that some word, phrase, line or sentence that you have written can trigger your imagination and lead to an idea to write a poem or story.

Brainstorming: Brainstorming is another exercise that would help in developing creative writing skills. Take a large sheet of paper and write a word on the center of the page. Make arrow marks around the word and write down words that come to your mind while you look at the word and continue the same thing with other words. When you have a cluster of words, try to connect it with each other and you may come out with the a fabulous plot, character, setting, etc., for your story. For example, you write 'a 25 year old woman' on the center of the paper and circle it. Now think of the ideas that comes to you when you think about such a woman. It may be her name, career, family, childhood, education, traumatic events in a life, her personality, mannerisms, her background, etc. You can also ask many other questions like her financial status, marital status, describe the house where she lives, etc. Try to develop this further, and in the end put them all together to come up with an interesting character.

Photographs: Photographs are a good way to come up with stories. Choose a photograph from your family album or any picture from a magazine. Observe the picture carefully and write whatever you feel about the people present in the photograph, the background, etc. Comment on the expressions of the people, think about what would be the feelings and thoughts that would be going in their minds. This may not become a full fledged story, but would help you in creating the basis on which you weave the rest of the plot.

Newspapers: Newspapers can also aid in creative writing exercises. Everyday we come across a variety of news from the newspaper ranging from robbery, murder, scandal, etc. You choose one that really interests you and write what you think would have happened. This need not be the truth. You are just taking inspiration from the story, however, the final content would be totally different from what actually happened.

These creative writing exercises are not only applicable to adults, but can also be tried with children and teens to improve their writing skills. These exercises would help the person in thinking out of the box and stretch out his creative limitations to come up with an inspiring story.

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