Creative Writing Lesson Plans

Creative Writing Lesson Plans
Communicating properly in the English language is a very important skill that one should be mastering in today's world. The different creative writing lesson plans are some of the best ways to improve written communication between people. To know more about creative writing lesson plans, read on....As mentioned above, creative writing is a very important tool of communication that is very essential in the modern era, especially in the world of corporates and businesses. According to many psychologists and experts who have researched on this phenomenon, creative writing must be developed and nurtured among students at a young age. It does not mean that every person must become an expert in the field of English literature, but atleast the basic need of written communication must be fulfilled.

The advantages of nurturing creative writing are numerous. Any student who has gone through the creative writing lesson plans that are implemented around the world, will agree with me on their advantages, which are enlisted below.
Improved business communication in the oral and written medium.
Ability to put forth one's thoughts and feelings effectively.
Joy of reading and understanding the great works of countless poets and writers.
Writing better summaries and conclusions in the field of academics
Getting to know the simple joys of life like writing a letter to one's mother when she is not in town
One of the greatest examples of the creative writing lesson plans is the book Letters from a Father to His Daughter by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru which is a collection of letters that were written by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to his daughter Indira Gandhi. All the letters emphasized the importance of creative writing while describing the wonderful places that Jawaharlal Nehru traveled to.

The following are some of the creative writing lesson plans that can be of great help in acquainting students with the world of creative writing.

Essay Writing
The best way to start a creative writing lesson is to start writing essays. The are many advantages of writing essays such as learning the usage of new words and phrases or the composition and flow of words and sentences. Essay writing is fact considered as the basic form of all types of writing.

Letter Writing
Letter writing is also one of the most important elements of creative writing lesson plans. The art of letter writing is considered to be important due to the fact that it is one of the most common modes of communication, between corporate personnel and within and between organizations. One should know letter writing irrespective of the position that one occupies in an organization. It is also absolutely essential to know the various types of formal and informal letter writing. In addition to that, one must also know how to write other types of letters like recommendation or reference letters and letters to creditors.

Paraphrasing is a very important skill that should be mastered by all. The basic advantage of mastering this skill is that a huge amount of information can be transformed into a smaller amount of content through paraphrasing. This proves to be very effective and also of substantial help to anyone right from students to working professionals.

Dear Readers,
If you are a teacher, I would suggest that you start giving creative writing assignments to your students. For example, if you are a geography teacher, you can hand out assignments on a weekly basis, like 'Fun Facts About Arizona' or 'Foods In India'. Give your students some creative writing tips that will help them come up with creative content. If you are a student interested in honing your creative writing skills, I would suggest you to start writing essays on topics that interest you. Or practice letter writing by writing letters to your near ones; perhaps letters to close friends thanking them for being there for you! Or a letter to your mom expressing your heart out! With regular practice of creative writing, you are sure to master the art of written communication. Trust me, it's not very difficult.

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