How to Write a Persuasive Business Letter

How to Write a Persuasive Business Letter
The art of convincing someone with a mere letter is not mastered by everybody, but is a skill that can definitely be developed over time. Persuasive letters are an important part of any business and therefore, should be able to be written by those involved in any kind of business. Here are some tips that will tell you how to write a highly persuasive business letter.A persuasive business letter is a letter written to convince the reader about any kind of concept or idea, and to sell it to the reader. This may be to persuade the reader about a change in a concept, or to introduce something unconventionally new. To be able to write an effective persuasive letter requires some good writing skills. Since you are not personally present and are trying to convince your audience just by means of a letter, it could take a little extra effort to ensure that the letter elicits a positive response. As such, here we bring you some good tips on writing an effective persuasive business letter.

Writing a Persuasive Business Letter that will Elicit a Response

A persuasive business letter poses a lot of questions and even provides answers to all the queries that a reader may have in mind. It can be considered as an interactive letter so that the reader is completely involved in it. The letter should speak to the reader. It should make the reader want to take immediate action pertaining to the idea or concept that is being promoted. How does one go about writing such a hard-hitting letter? Given below are tips on writing a good business letter. You may refer to this persuasive letter format for the structure of such a letter.

Know Your Audience
Persuasive business letters are often written to a target audience who will have some use for the idea or concept you are promoting. As such, it is important to identify this audience so that the letter may evoke the right response.

Know your Concept Thoroughly
Before you start out to sell your idea, you should be thoroughly aware of it yourself. Your knowledge will reflect in the way you write your letter. It has to be described well so that the audience can understand what it states and what they are expected to achieve from it.

Place your Idea as an Argument
No reader is immediately going to head out and buy your product or avail of a service just upon reading a simple letter that describes it. A persuasive letter is also argumentative, so that it can answer all the reader's questions. No product or service can have only a positive side. By presenting an argument you are presenting both sides, but obviously giving greater importance to the positive side. Writing in an argumentative manner also tells the reader that you are aware of all the pros and cons of what you are offering.

Use Powerful Language
Pose questions and use powerful words that will evoke some kind of emotion in the reader. Though the letter may be purely formal, it's objective is to bring out an emotional response. What these words are will depend largely on what you are trying to persuade your reader about. Also remember to add how you will assist the reader in making a difference by using your product or service. Exemplify your role in the entire affair.

Keep it Short, Simple, and Professional
Though a persuasive letter usually takes on a casual tone, it is important to maintain formality and professionalism with it. Further, any formal letter is not too long. Your ability to write should be such that it has made its point across in a few simple words. You cannot go on trying to convince your readers for pages and pages together.

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