Persuasive Business Letter Example

Persuasive Business Letter Example
Looking for a persuasive business letter example? Here's some information on how to write a persuasive business letter followed by a persuasive business letter example.What is a persuasive business letter? Well it is just what it sounds like. It is a letter written to persuade someone. Persuasive business letters are commonly used as a means of direct mail marketing. But persuasive letters have a different style. A persuasive letter is written in a way that the subject of the letter looks too enticing for the reader and acts upon it. So you can see that writing a persuasive business letter is an art in itself. And at the end of the article there is also a persuasive business letter example to help make things easier for you to understand.

Persuasive Business Letter Format

The format of the persuasive business letter is not all that difficult to understand. It is the format of any formal business letter. Address and date of the sender, name of the addressee, content para 1, content para 2, 'thanking you,', and name of the sender. Formatting the persuasive business letter requires no special skill. It is writing the letter which needs work. So here are some tips on writing a persuasive business letter.

Getting to the Point
A persuasive business letter needs to be impactful and to this end, the writer should not ramble on about unnecessary things. Letter writing for this is brash and to the point. Formalities begone! It's all about how soon the readers eyeballs fall on your value proposition and how quickly he considers it. So, get to the point quickly.

Hard Hitting
Does 5% off sound 'persuasive' to you? Not to me, it doesn't. A persuasive business letter can be utterly useless if the value proposition is not good enough. So make sure that you have something that will make the reader pick up the phone and want to know more about what you have written. The content needs to be irresistible and should arouse curiosity of the reader. A common trick is to not give away ALL the details. This makes the reader even more curious and more eager to call. Then again, this trick may backfire as he may feel that it's not worth the effort.

Shorter Sentences
It is commonly accepted that it is quite difficult to read long sentences. Nor will people take the effort to read them. So make sure that your sentences are short, each one leading on to the next in immediate succession. Don't make each paragraph big either, as it makes the whole letter look boring. Split it up into small sized paragraphs.

Make your letter visual. Frame sentences in a way that the reader can form images in his mind. No need to mention that these images need to be superlatively largess, I presume? Paint a vivid picture of what you feel must be the needs and aspirations of the reader.

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